Martin Raper's Family Tree

Most of this family tree data has been produced from the excellent work done by my father, George F. Raper and his brother John Raper, in the 1960's. They travelled the country gathering records from parish registers, graveyards and the many contacts they made. I inherited a suitcase of foolscap paper containing lists of births, marriages and deaths of our ancestors. There were pencilled descendant charts and much postal correspondance.

My father had no computer and no Internet. He died in 1973 before I knew he had done this. I strung the charts together, entered it all into genealogy software and then uploaded it onto the Internet. I have no provenance for this data, no certificates nor can I quote any sources. I have correlated the bulk of the data against other sources on the Internet, but there may yet be some errors. I would appreciate anyone emailing me with corrections.

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   Ancestors of Christopher Mark Treweek Raper
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This family tree has been assembled by Martin Raper, and has, at it's root, our son, Christopher. Click on thumnail pictures in the tree, to see more.
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