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JR and BS Drawings available from the Association

The Association has acquired a large number of prints (blueprints in some cases) of these drawings and copies can be made for members use. Many of the blueprints have been converted and cleaned up (ie to remove tear and other blemish marks) to create reasonable quality copies.

The JR Series

These drawings were produced by Jackson-Rigby Engineering Co. Ltd. of Station Road, Shalford, Surrey for Henry Greenly.

The BS Series

After Bonds Ltd. took over the JR drawings, they were updated and renumbered with a BS prefix. Later on in the middle 1930s additional drawings were made for such locomotives as the LMS Duchess, LMS 5MT 4-6-0 and LMS style 4-6-0. These later drawings (B.S.400-) were signed by G. Layton.

Can you help ?

The Association is trying to locate copies of the following : If you have any of these, or know somebody who does, please let us know. Please email

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