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The ‘Jan Stewer’ stories - in Devon dialect - by A J Coles  have always provided entertainment and delight for so many people of Devon.  When it was realised that Coles had been the Village School Master in nearby Puddington in the early 1900‘s,  we hit upon the idea of holding an evening of West Country music, songs and tales in the same school building, where Coles had taught,  now the village hall.  These ‘Jan Stewer Evenings’, held  annually have proved to be an hilarious success.

After a few years at Puddington, folk from all over Devon asked if we could put on something similar in their locality.  We hit upon the formula of asking the local folk to, book the hall, organise the refreshments and the draw, and sell the tickets and publicise the event locally.  On the appointed night, we would arrive with our band  of musicians and Devonshire characters, and the ‘Devon Evenings’ came into being.  With a local audience, these evenings could not fail, and are very reminiscent of the village concert parties of yesteryear.

Both the ‘Jan Stewer’ and Devon Evenings continue with great success, raising funds for local charities and causes.

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