Quentin Goodman’s
Wildlife Photography
Welcome to my wildlife web site.  Other commitments have prevented me from doing much
photography recently so I have re-uploaded some Arctic images.

In July 2007 I traveled to Spitsbergen with my partner on an expedition cruise led by Rinie van
Meurs.  Rinie has 20 years of experience in polar expeditions and has led over 100 expedition
cruises in the region.  Not only was he able to find and approach abundant wildlife (including
13 polar bears), but as an experienced photographer he always seemed to position us with the
sun at our backs.  Better still, nobody was eaten by bears!

This was the most amazing travel experience and I intend to return one day.  The group was truly
international and everybody shared a passion for the wilderness and the wildlife.  We were in the
company of many photographers (some were professional) and at least one travel writer.  I took
over 6000 photographs and my partner took 7 hours of video.  If any of you Northants photographers
out there would like more details of how to get booked on to an expedition, just drop me an e-mail.  
It would be good to hear from our fellow travelers on this expedition, too.

My other passion is music.  As well as performing on trumpet I compose music.  Some
of my composition can be found on my music web site HERE.
You can contact me by e-mail on:
Leaving the “Professor Molchanov” to search for walrus.