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Ric Graebner studied music at the Universities of Cambridge and York, then lectured at Southampton University, England and William Paterson University, New Jersey.  His compositions are internationally broadcast and performed by ensembles such as Lontano,Arditti Quartet, Quatuor Elysée and attract sponsorship from the Arts Council of Great Britain, IBM, TVS and private patrons. Apart from featuring in his own and other contemporary premières, mainly as pianist or conductor, occasionally other keyboards, percussion, technician  and D.S.M., he directs professional ensembles and various orchestras and choirs in works ranging from the Webern Concerto Op.24 to Gluck's  Iphigénie en Aulide (complete concert performance -1991) .
He now composes full time and runs his own electronic studio.

Principal Works

Aspects of 3 tetrachords
for tape, realised at Princeton University studio(1973). perf. Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 1976.

for 2 pianos (1975). perf. Southampton, 1975, 1977, Bowman/Graebner; Guildhall, London, 1979, Dawson-Lyell/Lester
Arts Council Dio Award, 1977.

String quartet 1 (1977). perf. 1979, Arditti; 1979, 1980 Guadagnini, Southampton, Hatfield, London. B.B.C. 1979.

(fl/cl/vn/va/vcl) (1981) commissioned by Lontano, perf. Southampton 1981, Lontano/Martinez.

Four movements for piano and baritone (1983). perf. Keele Anglo-American Conference, Keele 1983, Herford/Bowman. 1st perf. of revised work, Southampton, 1992, Herford/Bowman.
Bérénice multimedia drama for soprano, 3 dancers and tape and projected images (1990-1). perf. Southampton,1993, Nunns, Banks, Knight, Xavier. Choreography - Anna Carlisle, images - Larry Wakefield.  Amsterdam Concertzender broadcast "220 volt".

Venus in Landscape for CD and images (1995); images - Wakefield. perf. Paris, Southampton 1996, Aberdeen, 1997. Amsterdam Concertzender broadcast "220 volt" 1996,  B.B.C.,2002. CD - Metier,1998.

Resurge for tape (1997); images- Roger Pinnington, poetry - Argyros Ioannis. perf. Southampton, 1997. Broadcast Amsterdam Concertzender "220 volt", 1997.  CD - Metier 1998.

Conversation with Clarinet (1999) for clarinet and CD. perf. Chichester 2000, Romano; Brighton 2003, Dummer.

String quartet 3 (1984). perf. Southampton, London 1987, Auriol; Lewes, 2006, Shellira; Paris. Noisy-le-sec, 2009, Quatuor Elysée.

Sinfonietta concertante (2010)  for viola/violin, flute and chamber orchestra.  perf.Lewes 2013, Blackshaw, Hodgson and Musicians of All Saints, cond. Dummer.

Symphony #3 (2017) keyboard/1perc/strings.  perf. Lewes 2019 Musicians of All Saints, cond. Sherwood.

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