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Forthcoming events


CoMA 128 - Ric Graebner
first performance of semi-improvisation by CoMA
directed by Steve Dummer
Friends Meeting House
Ship Street, Brighton
Saturday  November 17 2018 3.00pm.   Refreshments from 2.30pm.

Audio-visual pieces  now on YouTube
Venus in Landscape - music and images..
Lippmania - animated cartoons with music
Resurge  - music, images, poetry
Fragmented City - music and images
Cast Off - dance and installation with music

If the links do not work, try opening  'youtube.com' in the address bar of your browser, then enter  'ric graebner venus', 'ric graebner lippmania' ,  'pinnington resurge'  'fragmented city graebner' or 'ric graebner youtube fabrica' in Youtube's own Search window.  This is more efficient than googling speculative keywords, which will probably  bring up CD versions  without the images, or tips on knitting.  Some of these pieces start in silence.  Do not adjust your set.

NEW  For a limited period, a fair simulation of Ric Graebner's Symphony No 2 (2015) can be downloaded as follows:  
1. Lento - Allegro con brio
2. Scherzo - Allegro vivace
3. Larghetto
4. Allegretto moderato
Clicking on these links takes you to a free version of Sendspace, unfortunately littered with advertisers pretending you cannot play the files unless you sign in or log on (can be identified by 'Remove Ads' underneath their windows) .  Ignore all these and go straight to the blue Download button, and either 'save as' or choose how it should be played e.g. Windows Media. The files each take between 4 mins and real time (between 12-15mins)  to download depending on your system, and if using sendspace gratis, there's a download  limit of c.300MB per hour - that allows you to download 2 movements consecutively, then wait an hour for the rest.