More Savitsky-Golay Filter Coefficients

In 1961 Savitsky and Golay published a simplified method of fitting polynomial curves to real data, for the purpose of smoothing and reducing noise.

This site provides integer Savitsky Golay coefficients for a range of data set sizes, orders of fit, and offsets from the centre point.

Tables are given for smoothing, and for first and second derivatives.

Coefficients are given for:

  • smoothing and for calculation of gradient (first derivative) and second derivative
  • linear, quadratic, cubic and quartic fits.
  • up to 14 points each side of the point under consideration
  • values of offset from the central point so that results can extend to the ends of a limited array

If you know what you want and just need the coefficients, go straight to the download page.

A full description of Savitsky Golay (SG) filters can be found on Wikipedia, or at statistics4u.

A brief description of SG filters is given on this site here for those who don't need or want such heavy reading.

Some further explanation is given on the other tabs on the left

All the SG coefficients are available for download on the downloads page. It contains links to web pages showing SG coefficients as well as a zip file containing csv files and ods spreadsheets.