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Having completed your search to find the right breeder and after examining your reasons for choosing a Weimaraner, you are ready to complete the purchase. Prices will vary depending on the area of the UK you choose, also the breeder will place their own value on their stock. The price you pay does not have any bearing on the quality of the breeder, just because you might pay more for a puppy from one breeder it does not mean you have a better puppy. The relationship you form with your breeder is certainly an important factor for consideration.You may have found a breeder that has welcomed you to visit and view their adult dogs at will, has also invited you to come and see the puppies when their eyes are open, ( about 11 days old ) and at intervals thereafter. If that is the case and you feel there is a good bond between you, then the price you pay will include a full support service. They will be there whenever you have problems and you need help. If on the other hand you have just found a breeder that has puppies which will be ready around the time you would like one, has not made you welcome when you phone or want an additional visit, never mentioned follow up visits and what they can provide when you have the puppy at home, then you may be making a big mistake. BUYER BEWARE as they say !

Breeders will usually provide a comprehensive feeding guide for your puppy. Some of the food that your puppy is getting at present. Maybe some of their favourite bedding and a toy. Perhaps a full puppy pack detailing how to proceed during the next few months. Most will advise you to consider health insurance for your puppy to offset veterinary costs as the puppy grows.

You should get your puppy checked over by a veterinary surgeon within a few days of your purchase, just to ensure that is is in good health.


Buying a Puppy
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