I have left this page to bring to your attention the single most serious health problem I believe we have in the breed at present.

Why so serious ? There are other life threatening conditions you could be unlucky enough to encounter, like an auto-immune deficiency or a Heart Irregularity. Both of these could shorten your dog’s life , that could depend on the knowledge and ability of your Veterinary Surgeon and how well your dog responds to the treatment on offer. But even at worst you could get a few more good years with good response to treatment.

Unlike the conditions mentioned there is little you can do to affect the outcome other than follow instructions. Bloat on the other hand usually takes people by surprise and in many cases your dog is with you in the afternoon and gone forever by the evening, that is why it is so important to understand.

By learning to identify the signs and stages you can prepare to take steps that could be vital in gaining rapid life saving treatment. There are also a few things you can do to buy a little time. Yes this is a true emergency and time is all important so learn not to waste any. If your dog should fill with gas and suddenly become as tight as a drum, then there is not just the risk of going into shock but there is the additional risk of ‘Torsion’, stomach twisting cutting off valuable resources to vital organs.

Get into your car and leave immediately for the Vet, ring on the way and tell them you are coming. If you have a friendly Vet they might even help by showing you how they ‘Tube’ the bloated dog. In a desperate emergency people have ‘Tubed’ their dog and removed gases, thereby taking some pressure off the animal. You must still get to the Vet and agree a course of treatment. This in the first instance might be a stomach attachment to help prevent twisting in the future. By recognising the early stages of this condition and with the knowledgeable Veterinary Surgeon the symptoms can sometimes be arrested with certain medications. This can occasionally prevent the full blown episode and once more gives you the time and opportunity to amend treatment with your Vet.

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