Do some research. Contact: THE KENNEL CLUB

Learn about the Breed, it’s temperament, origins, character.

Go to see Weimaraners in quantity at a gathering, Show, Field, Working Trial, Agility or a Social event.

Speak to their owners,see first hand how strong and boisterous they can be to handle.

Talk to your Veterinary Surgeon about health issues He or She has to deal with.

Speak with your local Dog Training Club and ask about how difficult or easy they are to train.

Consider fully all the Financial implications, not just the purchase. The food , inoculations, even a minor operation could be several hundred pounds so Insurance should be considered. If they develop a mild heart murmur the medication can cost between one and two thousand pounds a year. In many cases this is ongoing for five or six years.

Understand their popularity, now the sixth most popular gundog. Registrations of 2800 per annum, 400 to 500 each year requiring rehoming. That should at least indicate that they are not the easiest breed of gundog to own..

Email the secretary and ask who at present of their members may have puppies available for sale.These breeders must fulfil an agreed standard of care in the way they approach the breeding and rearing of their puppies.They should also be easy to contact if you have any problems following the purchase of your puppy.

Satisfy yourself that the breeder you may select has the correct approach to the welfare and well being of the puppies they breed.

At any time in the early development of your puppy they should be approachable and ready to receive and deal with any problems.

Never let problems continue, if you do not receive satisfaction or are failing to make progress with any problem then contact one of the breed clubs again and ask them for the name of an experienced owner in your area who can offer help and advice.

Most Weimaraners require rehoming because problems develop into more and greater problems and eventually owners feel they can no longer cope.The earlier the problem is tackled then the easier it is to deal with and remember most long term owners have had to deal with similar problems so do not try to face the issues alone.

If after considering all the aspects of selection and ownership you decide you wish to proceed in acquiring a Weimaraner then first contact one of the breed clubs. I will make that easier for you, just click one of the buttons below and visit their Web Site.


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