The weimaraner is a highly intelligent gundog, it is capable of being trained for Fieldwork, Working trials, Obedience and easily adapts to Agility and other forms of work and fun.

It is not however the ideal dog for people with busy lifestyles who would need to leave it for prolonged periods. If left without adequate stimulation it will usually become destructive or display anti social tendencies

The unusual appearance of the weimaraner has made the breed much sought after over recent years. It is however unfortunate that due to the unprecedented increase in numbers and resulting unsuitability of certain owners, weimaraners now have several rescue services trying to place dogs which have developed problems with their owners.

Weimaraners need training, they also need to find their position in the house and with the family.

They do not respond well to bullying of any kind, they learn best when owners earn their respect. They need constant stimulation and when grown enjoy considerable regular exercise

If you think a weimaraner is the right dog for you, please approach one of the breed clubs for advice prior to purchase.

Select a reputable breeder who will provide you with details of the requirements of the breed. Try to see both parents of the puppies, if the Sire is not owned by the breeder this can still be arranged. Satisfy yourself as to the temperament of both parents. Make sure you are confident that you will receive after sales support should you need it.

Remember the weimaraner was bred to work, it has tremendous hunting instincts which if you ignore it will channel for it’s own ends. It is imperative that you take it for training. Within the first few weeks of ownership they will lull you into a false sense of security. They will appear to do all that you ask, if not formally trained they will at about 12-18 months revert to doing exactly as they wish.

They have an extremely strong character and can be very determined and selfwilled. They are a challenge in many areas of their social interaction. They respect the owner who is patient, persevering and can out think them.

They are when trained and when satisfied with their position in the family a pleasure to own and a valuable asset to family life. They are not the breed for everyone and they may not be the breed for you, be sure, for if not they will make your life miserable and in turn you will be responsible for making their life miserable also.

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Medium sized hunting dog, born of noble origin.

Height at withers:

Dogs 61-69 cms ( 24-27 ins ) Bitches 56-64 cms ( 22-25 ins )

Their appearance should display an image of power, stamina and balance.

As a breed they should be Fearless,friendly,protective, obedient and alert

Identifiable by it’s distinctive grey coat which is both a virtue and liability.