The Ikenobo Ikebana UK London Chapter was founded in 1995, having developed from the Ikenobo London Study Group, which was founded 1987. In October 1996 the formal opening of the Chapter and First Anniversary Symposium was held at the Landmark Hotel, with the attendance of the 45th Headmaster, Sen'ei Ikenobo, Professor Muneo Nakamura, and a tour group of 150 Japanese and 100 European Ikenobo teachers. The event was attended by H.E. the Japanese Ambassador and Mme Fujii, the Director of the Japanese Cultural Centre, and the Lord Mayor of Westminster.
The Chapter's activities since 1994 include an annual visit of a Professor from Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto, with demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions. In alternate years, an exhibition is held in the Beldam Gallery, Brunel University.

In November 1994 and 1999, study tours were organised to Ikenobo Headquarters Japan, whilst regular study meetings are held within the UK. Summer 'outdoor' workshops have been arranged in the gardens of members.

The annual New Year Party, held in January at a Japanese restaurant, is a popular event. The Chapter's AGM is normally held in March

In 1991, at the Japan Festival, the study group took part in an exhibition in Holland Park attended by H.I.H. the Crown Prince of Japan and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.

For the festival Japan 2001 in May, the Headmaster came to London with Professor Masato Uetsuhara and a tour group of about 80 Ikenobo teachers from Japan. Demonstrations, exhibitions and workshops were held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the London Millenium Hotel and Harrington Hall. In the same month, the London Chapter gave a workshop at the matsuri in Hyde Park,which was attended by H.I.H. The Crown Prince and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. 

In September 2003 and 2004, exhibitions were held in the Freemasons' Hall, Manchester.

In 2006, we were pleased to welcome the Headmaster, Hon. Senei Ikenobo and Professor Fukuhiro Nakamura, both for the third time, with a tour group of many Ikenobo teachers from all over Japan, who came for our 11th anniversary events in June. The demonstration, exhibition, workshops and banquet were a great success and had the support of the Embassy of Japan and the Lady Mayor of Ealing.

We, the members of the Ikenobo U.K. London Chapter hope to share with you our love of Ikebana, an aspect of ancient Japanese culture.


Kiyoko Sawada Rudd began to study Ikebana at the age of seven and took her first certificate at the age of 13 in 1956.

She read art at Atomi Gakuen College in Tokyo, graduating in 1964, and continued her studies at the Ikenobo, Chuokenshu Gakuin (Ikenobo Central Training Academy), which was opened in 1977 in Kyoto. In 1980 she became a Senior Professor of Ikenobo Ikebana. She taught and exhibited for many years in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Since coming to live in London, she has founded the Ikenobo Study Group, which in 1995 became the lkenobo Ikebana Society UK London Chapter, of which she is President.

At Brunel University Arts Centre. her workshops have continued since 1988. She gives exhibitions every year with her students and gives demonstrations widely. From time to time she organises study tours to Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto.

Her first arrangement in London was at the Victoria & Albert Museum for the Toshiba Japanese Gallery opening ceremony, in the presence of Princess Alexandra of Kent, in January 1987. For this she did a Sugushin Rikka arrangement with young pine at the entrance. She hopes to continue to spread the message of Ikenobo Ikebana and encourage its study and teaching in this country, in the same spirit as the young pine in that first arrangement.

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