RIKKA  Rikka style was developed in the 16th century. Reaching full flower in the 17th century under Headmaster Ikenobo Senko II, Rikka is the source of all later Ikenobo styles. Study continues today of both the traditional Shofutai style, and the new Shimputai style.

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SHOKA  Shoka's origins are in the simpler ikebana of the 18th century. In the 19th century under Headmaster Ikenobo Senjo, Ikenobo Shoka came fully into flower. Traditional ShokaShofutai has only three main branches, Shin, Soe and Tai, symbolising man, heaven and earth. The new style Shoka Shimputai presents a bright, modern feeling. This style has two main parts, Shu and Yo, with contrasting yet harmonious qualities, although a third part, Ashirai, is often added as a finishing touch.

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FREE STYLE   Free style can be arranged as an abstract or naturalistic composition and is well suited to contemporary environments and tastes. The emphasis with this style is self-expression using, if required, man-made materials in addition to plants to create a particular effect or mood.

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