Before you read this page, see The Whole Story to get an idea of what PLASC is all about.

The 2003 Annual Schools Census (PLASC) took place - completely unnoticed - on 16th January.

A month before that, a new version of PLASC was piloted in a few schools, in which the information lifted from school computers went to the DfES, to the QCA and OFSTED……and to a company called NCS Pearson.

Who on earth are NCS Pearson? A look at their website might give you some idea. They are an offshoot of Pearson Education

'The global leader in integrated education' which is in turn owned by the trans-global Pearson Group .

When you see the scale of their operations, you may well want to question why our children's data is being handed over to them.

ARCH has now heard a whisper that our long campaign to ensure that families are told what is going on might bear some fruit soon. It is possible that in future the DfES will have to inform parents and children, rather than continuing to take the information by stealth. A welcome step in the right direction. Next, can we have a public debate about this please?

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