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10/10/05 "Baby ASBO" proposal derided as a gimmick {independent}


10/10/05 "Safe and sound" week commences  {the children's society}


03/10/05 Mother's care 'best' for children {bbc}


26/09/05 Karate chop approved to restrain children {guardian}


22/09/05 Comment piece on the truancy figures {arch}


21/09/05 Truancy figures for spring 2005 {dfes}


21/09/05 Truancy fast-track court threat {bbc}

In the carrot and stick style of government...ooh it's another stick


19/09/05 Childcare stress for toddlers {bbc}


13/09/05 Doubts over value of 3bn Sure Start {guardian} See also...

Pre-school spending leads the world {bbc}


11/09/05 Points make prizes for good pupils {scotsman}

you might also call it "bribery", we couldn't possibly comment.


06/09/05 How effective are truancy sweeps? {arch}

click here to go direct to report download options


04/09/05 Scandal of the children locked up in "adult" jails {independent}

"The first thing he [Mr Blair] does after his holiday is to target children."


01/09/05 School uniform 'bullying risk' {bbc}


12/08/05 No2id to host public meeting now 01-09-05 {no2id}


09/08/05 Concern over new bullying database {guardian}


06/08/05 LSE rebuttal of Home Office ID cards critique {statewatch}


03/08/05 Today's children are 'scared' to play outside {scotsman}

A commentary on the playday survey


27/07/05 School class sizes could hit 60... {times online}

admits the schools minister.


27/07/05 Centre 'damaging' child detainees {bbc}


20/07/05 Boy, 15, wins curfew legal battle {bbc}

A good day for human rights then, mark the calendar.


18/07/05 Smart cards will 'bribe' children to stay out of trouble {telegraph}

To get the youth services green paper, click here


14/07/05 Children not being protected {crae}

The CSCI review: must try harder, children's services


05/07/05 The Children Act, is it making a difference? {lexisnexis}

lexis conference - speakers include Al Aynsley-Green and Terri Dowty


02/07/05 ARCH release briefing on ID cards {arch}


27/06/05    LSE report on ID cards {lse}

the LSE identity card project, on which ARCH has acted in an advisory capacity


22/06/05 Soham inquiry chief criticises teen sex interviews {guardian}

see also young people now and here for our concerns on the Pan-London Protocol


20/06/05 The ASBO generation {independent}


14/06/05 She's being a total Kelly {guardian}

extended school hours - what's that then?


08/06/05 Balance not binge {guardian}

comment on the rise of ASB...or is it the rise of a police state.

See also the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's report here


07/06/05 Monsters in the making {guardian}


31/05/05 Snooper squad {guardian}

A commentary on the flawed London CPC Protocol.

See also our brief here and Children Now items here


22/05/05 Charity pleads for tolerance as autistic youngsters face Asbos {observer}

Is the government really out to make autism a criminal offence? Or is it proof of the previous item?


22//05/05 Yob tag 'risks demonising youth' {bbc}


25/04/05 Teachers' two-way mirror threat {bbc}

OK, teachers want guidelines for use...and the input from the children is?

More development of the child panopticon state.


25/04/05 Private deals block Jamie's school dinners {guardian}

Or how PFI's remove choice.


21/04/05 Keep off the grass {icTeesside}

...or we'll give you an ASBO


20/04/05 Hull's Angels {guardian}

A solution better than taking two ASBO's?


12/04/05   'Morale crisis' brings CSA delays {bbc/arch member}

If you can't get enough data into your database...well, create some!

05/04/05 Climbie plans "underfunded" {guardian/arch member}

01/04/05 ARCH press release on calls to prosecute children for malicious allegations {arch}

31/03/05 AsboConcern launched  {arch)

15/03/05 Software glitches hit hundreds of schools {guardian}

To lose that data, you don't need a hacker, nor even a thief.

Just call in the boys at Capita, and it'll come to grief...


08/03/05 Nappy rash death term 'lenient' {bbc}

So what use would a national database be?


08/03/05 You simply can't trust IT {times}

We have been saying this all along, but it does need frequent reminders...


02/03/05 England Children's Tsar Appointed {bbc}

Al Aynsley-Green takes the chair...


23/02/05 Can technology help to identify and protect children who are at risk of harm? {e-debate guardian/arch}

ARCH contribution to the IT debate.


17/02/05 To keep those secrets safe... {times/arch member}

An interesting item about careless data disposal, no we lie, it's careless security.


10/02/05 Hodge defends Child database {guardian}

see also here...but this is a good example...

Mrs Hodge said: "I do not agree with him. I think we can ensure security"

Seems like the CRB and security firms are going to busy vetting everyone who accesses the database and ensures no-one physically erm "uplifts" pcs or info, in order to fulfil that pipe dream.


04/02/05 Schemes fail to dent truancy rate {bbc}

But it won't stop more money being spent on it...


01/02/05 Connexions Card - the final report

 3.7% of the 16-19 cohort have redeemed points; and

There is no significant evidence of any direct impact of the Card in terms of changes in attitudes to learning.


26/01/05 MPs' report threaten 'unfit' CSA {bbc}


24/01/05 Database will undermine child protection {guardian}


15/01/05 Ban on smacking comes into force {bbc}

The law as interpreted by the DFES...

"Abuse is abuse and should be prosecuted. We are not going to tolerate criminal violence against children."

So it isn't criminal if there's no marks?


01/01/05 Lords of the Ringfence {arch}

When money "ringfenced" for play areas is no longer available for that purpose...you might call that a "broken promise"





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