28 April 2006

DTI Consultation on "Consumer Voice"

My response to the DTI Consultation on Consumer Representation and Redress was completed today.

Although this addresses broader issues than those primarily covered by my campaign, I felt that the experienced gained in understanding how Ofcom operates placed me in a strong position to offer views.

The consultation

The DTI page covering the consultation is found here

My response

The full response may be seen here

Summary of my response

I aim to point out the need to separate distinct issues.

- Ofcom's duty to citizens vs. that to consumers in relevant markets

- The furtherance of consumers interests through the effect of a regulated competitive market vs. the direct furtherance of those interests

- The role of a consumer advocate (necessarily un-balanced) vs. that of a market regulator (which must be balanced)

- The integrated role of the Ofcom Consumer Panel providing expert resource to support Ofcom policy-making vs. the non-expert consumer-focussed role of Consumer Voice

My contact details

You can contact me for advice, information or anything else at:

Silent {dot} Calls @ ntlworld {dot} com


Note: this page was added on 28 July 2006 on finding that the DTI will not be publishing responses.