Update 22 January 2006

My response to the DTI Consultation on the maximum penalty

(See below for the Ofcom consultation)

The DTI Consultation

Ofcom has persistently claimed that its failure to address the problem has Silent Calls results from the fact the maximum financial penalty available under its powers is 5,000. It has therefore applied to the DTI for this limit to be raised to 50,000. At the same time as Ofcom launched its consultation on its revised policy, the DTI launched a consultation on its intention to grant this request. Neither of these consultations refers to the other!

The revised Ofcom Statement of Policy gives no indication of how an increased maximum penalty (although claimed to be most significant) will affect the policy. The DTI consultation seeks approval for the increase without any reference to the revised policy.

This odd situation, along with many other errors and omissions are covered in detail in my response to the DTI consultation.

I conclude that Ofcom's request cannot be granted under present circumstances.


6 January 2006

My response to the Ofcom Silent Calls Policy Consultation

How to Respond

See this page - published deadline is 5pm on 9 January 2006

Listen to this invitation from Ofcom, broadcast on BBC Radio Five Live on 5 January

My response to the Ofcom consultation

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