October / November 2006 Updates

Note: I have not prepared a November bulletin covering the Ofcom announcement of 3 November 2006 because the detail of the action taken has not yet been published by Ofcom as we move into December. I hope to have an opportunity to comment on this in due course.

Update - Saturday 4 November 2006

My forecast of last weekend was not mistaken! Making the lead story on the front page of today's Daily Telegraph must be considered as being some achievement.

Much is still happening and developing swiftly on a number of fronts.

BBC Breakfast is leading the media coverage. The Breakfast web site will cover the developing story with lots of material, links and an archive search.

A very good summary of the current situation and my position is found in this item from Radio 5 Live, broadcast this morning.

You can contact me for further information.

Update - Monday, 30 October 2006

This week looks as though it is going to be very busy for the campaign.

Please review the media and activity in parliament.

I will prepare and publish bulletins when appropriate.

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