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Hall 6, Birmingham NEC
Wed 28 Sept 2005

10.00 - 17.00
Thurs 29 Sept 2005
10.00 - 17.00

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UK Data IT 31 Aug 2005

Stop Silent Calls - FREE

Visit us at stand no B50 CCE 2005


Silent Call File - FREE

Few in the Telemarketing industry can doubt the contribution of silent calls to the acceleration of consumer registrations to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Despite this, predictive diallers continue to be the kit of choice for cost conscious telemarketers. There may be a new middle ground with the Silent Call File – now available to predictive dialler users completely FREE of charge .

The Silent Call File was set up some two years ago by way of a collaborative arrangement with UK DATA IT Ltd and the nuisance call bureaux of BT, Telewest and NTL. Quite simply the Silent Call file is a database of enraged consumers who have complained of receiving excessive silent calls and/or recorded announcement messages. This file is now offered free to predictive dialler users who can ensure they screen against the list and have a live agent ready when calling.
The silent call file is now going international and reflects the move across Europe in terms of call centre location and traffic.

Telemarketers have to consider the consequences of silent calls, for these go a lot further than just more and more consumer registrations to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Certainly consequences such as an investigation, following consumer complaints about silent calls, can be costly in terms of time and resources warns UK DATA IT sales and marketing director, Richard Melling. He says the silent call file is updated daily and now stands at over 900,000 registrants, so within 24 hours predictive dialler users can be effectively screening the list and put a live operator on to the call which should help reduce the risk of complaints and potential investigations.

Melling is urging the telemarketing industry to adopt a policy of 'prevention and protection’ and summed up his approach by saying: “The silent call file is being actively promoted to predictive dialler users with an unbeatable offer – it’s FREE! Quite simply in an attempt to arrest the effect of silent calls, UK DATA IT is offering the file to predictive dialler users completely free of charge. What’s more the file is available in a number of industry standard formats and is suitable for use with most power or predictive diallers, so no additional equipment is required.”

For further information on the silent call file please contact UK DATA IT on tel: 0870 066 0771 or visit stand No. B50 CCE 2005

ENDS September 2005

For further press information please contact:

Robert Keitch - UK DATA IT – Tel: 0870 066 0771 / email:


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