These pages cover my campaign to get Ofcom to use its powers to

Stop Silent Calls

March 2007 Bulletin - Victory and retirement

December 06 Bulletin - will this be the season for celebrations?

October / November 06 updates - the start of further action

September 06 Bulletin - consultation on "enforcement", action to follow?

August 06 Bulletin - The Stop Silent Calls Campaign goes International

July 06 Bulletin - a new Ofcom action programme

June Bulletin - unreliable AMD, the unrecognised cause of Silent Calls

April Update - DTI consultation on Consumer Voice

April Bulletin - the Ofcom Consumer Policy consultation

March Update - parliament debates the increase to the maximum penalty

March Bulletin - reaction to the Ofcom announcement following the consultation

January Bulletin - my responses to the Ofcom and DTI consultations


December Bulletin - responding to the Ofcom consultation

November Bulletin - detailed advice about the revised Ofcom policy

October Bulletin - the Ofcom policy announcement on 31 October

September Bulletin - various developments - the Informative Message

August Bulletin - exciting developments - a brief history of the campaign

July Bulletin - all the background and the whole story to this point


There is plenty of other material on the web - search engines are updated regularly



Please contact me for advice, information or anything else at:

Silent {dot} Calls @ ntlworld {dot} com

David Hickson