We welcome those who have been baptised:  
   8   JanuarySamuel Jack Spencer 
  14   MayLuke Charles Wynstanley 
      Izabeella Anne Watkiss 
Bethan Claire Foster
      Alex Ian Young 
  11   JuneHolly Mae Demetrius 
      Shannon Marie Conelly 
  25  JuneBethan Claire Foster 
    9  JulyJoshua Harry Pritchard 
Madison Louvaine Francis-Taylor
    Abigail Jayne O'Connor 
    Harry Peter Andrews 
  23  JulyCurtis Anthony Thomas-Witter 
  13  AugustMadison Louvaine Francis-Taylor  
 Kieran Joshua McGuinness 
  27  AugustJoseph Anthony Hill 
  10  OctoberScott Bailey Thomas 
 Harry Andrew Timmins 
 Isobel Lynsey Timmins 
   8  OctoberLily Louise Matthews 
 Liam John Moorcroft 
  11  NovemberElla Rose Whitlock 
  19  NovemberSophie Reeves 
  26  NovemberJack Izzett
 Trixi Izzett 
 Sophie Reeves
  10  DecemberIsobelle Rose Young
 Poppy Elizabeth Deakin 
 Thomas Samuel Stafford 
 Faye Marie Young 
 Matthew Edward George Eustace 

 We rejoice with those who have been married:  Rings
13 MayThomas David Matthew Lee  
 Elizabeth Anne Edmonds
20 MayJason William Waite 
 Tracy Mary Andrews
10 JuneRussell Scott Powell 
 Emma Louise Cooper
10 JuneSteven David Williams 
(Blessing)Maxine Kelly Willetts
17 JuneAllan George James Duff 
 Susan Ann Stamps
24 JuneStephen Michael Crisp 
 Helen Ruth Bradley
15 JulyStephen Paul Bennett 
 Kimberly Brown
22 JulyStephen Edward Paul Davis 
 Tracy Anne Clarke
 Neil John Humphreys 
 Tracey Marie Davies
29 JulyAndrew Norman George Selby 
 Claire Louise Hayhurst
12 AugustMark Robert Wincott 
 Samantha Elizabeth Hartland
26 AugustPeter Saunders 
 Michelle Dawn Neill
  9 SeptemberNigel Jones 
 Georgina Bennett
23 SeptemberPeter Tidge 
 Elizabeth Lucy McLeod
 We commemorate those who have departed this life:  
(The date given is that of the funeral.)
  4    JanuaryGeorge Henry Jones 
  5    JanuaryLeslie John Smith 
  9    FebruaryEdna Elsie Wilcox 
 10    FebruaryRosina Jackson 
 15    FebruaryEthel Broadway 
 15    FebruaryGordon Hawkes 
 15    MarchPauline Dear 
 24    MarchLionel John De Monilpied 
 28    MarchKenneth Edward Dudley 
 30    MarchBeina Charmaine Hibell 
 27    AprilDoris Evelyn Roberts 
   6    JuneViolet Morris 
 30    JuneRuth Williams 
   4    JulyLeonard Hall 
 20    JulyJohn Arthur Fisher 
   8    AugustGeorge Arthur Griffiths 
 24    AugustSheila Margaret Lacey 
 25    AugustJoan Annie Lacey 
 19    SeptemberMary Ellen McCurry 
 19    OctoberJean Stanley 
 20    OctoberBeryl Esther Ruehl 
   8    NovemberOwen Tait 
 28    NovemberWilliam George Kibble 
 29    NovemberJohn Edward Witts 
   5    DecemberKenneth Jarrett Meek 
       Roy Donald Cocking