Members are elected to the PCC.
Finance and General Purposes Committee
The F&GP is composed of the Wardens, the Vicar, the Treasurer and a Secretary. They formulate proposals and consider issues before they are taken to the PCC for consideration.

 West End Re-ordering

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This project has been developed in stages.  The plan being to remove pews to provide a space for:
      Coffee after services.
      Less formal patterns of worship.
An open vista for:
      The war memorial.
      The stained glass window on the south side.
      The font.
The stages were:
      To remove the pews.
      Dispose of the pews.
      Lower the floor.
      Redecorate and carpet.
      Not to forget obtaining a faculty.

In the process of doing this we found timbers that had been severely notched and were split.  These have been replaced.