St Mary's Church is a traditional Victorian Church Building that is very popular for weddings.  The church is easy to find being situated off Bristol Road, in Selly Oak.  The Church is set back from the Bristol Road by a sufficient distance that traffic cannot be heard, even outside the church.  

The church has parking for 60 vehicles along the drive and adjacent to the church.   There is also usually space for parking in adjacent roads.  A map and directions to the church is available.  Please refer your guests to our web page for directions.

Wedding Policy

We are happy to consider divorced persons for re-marriage but do please note that each case is considered individually.


It is important to book well in advance.

Parish Surgeries are held on Wednesday Evenings from 18:15 to 19:15.
This is a good opportunity to make initial inquiries.

Remember to book the taxi, the reception, the photographer, the flowers etc.   The most critical of these is the reception as this may determine the time of the service.
The church has a choir and bell ringers which can be booked, for a fee.

The Banns

There are specific requirements that must be met for someone to be married in a Church of England Parish Church.  The criteria are:

Couples who do not live in the parish must attend for 6 months and a card is provided to register attendance.  This period of attendance is both necessary, to qualify for the electoral roll, and valuable because it helps couples to get to know members of the congregation and to become accustomed to the environment of the church.

It is necessary for public declarations of the marriage to be made three times, in advance of the wedding and it is necessary for couples to attend the Sunday worship, at 10:00 am, when these declaration are made.

Banns must be read at another parish if one or both the people to be married live in another parish. The local church will require a fee to be paid for doing this.  A certificate stating that this has been done will be required before the wedding.


These normally take place, by arrangement, on Wednesday evenings.

Marriage Preparation Classes

Amarriage preparation class is also run and attendance at this is necessary.   This is one session, arranged to suit those concerned.

Special Requirements

The church is equipped with radio microphones and access for the congregation is on the level.  There are toilet facilities for the disabled and able bodied.   We will do our best to accommodate other special requirements, such as playing recorded music or accommodating guests to sing.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share in your joy but please remember that Marriage is a solemn and serious sacrament of the church that should not be entered into lightly.


A non-returnable deposit must be paid when the church is booked and the fees must be paid, in full by cheque or cash, at least four weeks before the date of the wedding.  The list of fees given below is provided for guidance.  Please consult the Vicar or Wardens to verify the current fees.  The fees are revised annually.  The fees for 2010 are listed below.

 Item  Fee  Notes
 The statutory/
 local fee
 £ 422 The basic fee pays for the licence, general floral decoration,
 administration, car park attendant, Verger and the reading of banns
 at St Mary's but not the reading of banns elsewhere.
 Optional Extras
 Use of organ  £   40
 Organist  £   75
 Choir  £   85
 Bells  £  120  Payable to the Tower Captain, Keith Haslam, at least 1 week before
 the wedding.
 Heating  £   80
 Non refundable
 £   75 To be paid when booking the church.  We cannot take credit or debit
 cards and prefer a cheque to cash.

Note:  It is important that you let us know immediately if you plans or contact details change.


Only the official photographer may take photographs during the service, subject to direction, but guests may photograph the Bride and Groom returning down the aisle.

Family and friends should note that photographs which include children must only be taken with the consent of their parents.


Before ordering flowers for the wedding we recommend that you contact the "Flower Arrangers" to see if the flowers used for general decoration can be chosen to co-ordinate with those that you plan to use.  There will be no flowers for the general decoration of the church in Advent and Lent.

Church Contacts

The first point of contact should be:
          Vicar (follow this link)

Other contacts are:

        Church Wardens
        Choir Master and Organist
        Flower Arrangers
        Tower Captain
        Church Hall Bookings


Confetti should only be thrown outside in the drive, by the Lych Gate please.

It is also important that ALL mobile phones are switched off during the service.  Please advise your guests of this and also make sure that your own mobile is switched off.


This list is provided as a courtesy.  No form of recommendation or other comment is to be inferred from the inclusion or exclusion of businesses from this list.


Bruce Thomas Photography,
431 Court Oak Road.
 0121 200 1022
I Do Weddings,
112-116 Park Hill Road, Harborne.
 0121 428 2477
Mike Coldicott,
Unit 8, Weekin Works, 112-116 Park Hill Rd., Harborne.
 0121 248 2658
Simon Harding Photography,
Unit 5 Weekin Works, 112-116 Park Hill Rd., Harborne.
 121 428 2477
Malcolm Lewin Photography,
Flat 7 Edencroft, Wheeleys Rd., Edgbaston.
 0121 440 4365
Philip Pickard Photography,
193 Mosley St., Birmingham.
 0121 608 6666
Star Studios,
1729 Pershore Road, Kings Norton.
 0121 689 0391


Beryl's World of Flowers,
21 Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak, B29 6HH
 0121 472 2552
Garden of Eden,
15 Oak Tree Lane, Selly Oak.
 0121 471 4237
Buttercup's and Daisy's,
153 Somerford Road, B29
 O121 456 3171
0121 476 4048

Chauffeur Driven Cars

Style Limousines
 00 328 0054
07815 781 073

Wedding Wear

Brides & Grooms Wedding Warehouse, 293 Harborne Lane, B17 0121 471 4449
The Bridal Room, 21 High Street, B14 0121 444 4884
Bridal Designs, 20 Portway Road, Rowley Regis, 0121 561 4411
Brides & Belles, 372 High Street, B17 0121 428 4009