Prayer and Spirituality

  Sacred Spaces ( :   Daily prayer and meditation on the desktop.     Daily prayer for people on the go.  A 10 minute meditation
                                                in mp3, ipod and other formats.
  Earth Abbey:  A site with discussions on ecological issues which includes spiritual
                           reflections on matters of ecology

 Youth Activities

  Boy's Brigade Home Page

 Religous Communities


 Theological Resources

  Birmingham Theological Libraries Group:
      Links to various Theological Libraries - there are more than you think.

 Bible Resources

  NT Gateway:
      Bible texts, Hermenuetics, Jesus in film and much more.
  The Bible Gateway:
      Search for Bible Passages, let your computer read them out and find a commentary.
      Search for Bible Passages, use on-line study guides and commentaries.


  "Mark's alternative economy".  Commentaries from A New Way of being Church.
  Lectionary and Commentaries from the Diocese of Montreal

 Liturgical Resources

 Where do I find the liturgical colours ?

    In the Common Worship book of Collects and Readings, under the set of Collects and Readings,
    or you purchase a copy of the Lectionary for each year.

   Common Worship Resources.  Sources for the various forms of service, psalms and lectionary in rtf and pdf format.
  Creeds and authorised forms of affirmation.
  Eucharistic prayers A-H.
  Seasonal provisions (part1) (part2) (part3).

 Lectionary for outlook available at
 Downloading the web page gives a browsable version of the lectionary.
 Click on the reading and a pop up window will give the text of the reading.

  Lectionary and Commentaries from the Diocese of Montreal.   This is my preferred on-line lectionary source.
  The Lectionary Page.   Normally runs 1 to 2 years ahead.  With links to lessons
  When will it be read ? A wonderful reverse lectionary!
   Lectionary texts, prayers and related resources at the Vanderbilt Divinity Library

 Worship Resources

  Gregorian Chants


  The Methodist Church

 Choir Resources

  Royal School of Church Music


  Christian Aid


  Celtic Worship
  Church Times
  Church Pastoral Aid Society
  Church Net
  The Anglican Church's page of links - Anglicans on-line