VC104 Rare Plants Register March 2013 Edition - Errata

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Arctostaphylos alpinus: In the species description "A. alpina" should be replaced with "A. alpinus".

Cakile maritima: The national description is incorrect and should be replaced by:

"An annual, predominately found on sandy seashores and on fore-dunes. It is often very frequent along the winter storm tide-line where there is a good source of nutrients. It is rarer on shingle beaches and is only an occasional casual elsewhere. Seeds are dispersed by tides."

Dryas octopetala: The wrong map is shown - a repeat of Drosera anglica.  A more up-to-date map is here

Gnaphalium sylvaticum: One dot needs to be removed. A more up-to-date map is here

Hammarbya paludosa is designated under CITES Appendix B - that is the reason for its inclusion.

Hieracium subglobosum should be included in the list of Nationally Scarce species on page 5, which means the accompanying table should reads as follows:

Nationally Rare 10
Nationally Scarce 50
Not Listed (Hybrids) 2
Others 155

Potamogeton crispus is Rare rather than Scarce in the vice-county.

Salix phylicifolia: records from River Brogaig 2009 should be removed.