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There are 67 taxa recorded from Rona that have not been seen recently, which I have classified as follows:

Planted 2
Errors 11
Interesting 38
Minor forms/subspecies/microspecies 8
Weeds 8



As for Raasay, weeds are likely to have vanished in the near-absence of cultivation.

The taxa classified as interesting are as follows:

Alchemilla alpina Gnaphalium sylvaticum Ranunculus hederaceus
Anemone nemorosa Honckenya peploides Rhinanthus minor
Asplenium scolopendrium Juncus squarrosus Rosa mollis
Asplenium viride Littorella uniflora Sagina maritima
Aster tripolium Lobelia dortmanna Salicornia europaea
Carduus nutans Lotus pedunculatus Salix x ambigua
Carex distans Myosotis arvensis Salix x multinervis
Centaurium erythraea Myosotis scorpioides Schoenoplectus lacustris
Chenopodium album Nitella sp. Spergularia marina
Circaea x intermedia Odontites vernus Stellaria graminea
Cochlearia danica Polygala vulgaris Vaccinium vitis-idaea
Crataegus monogyna Potamogeton pectinatus Vicia cracca
Daucus carota Ranunculus auricomus  

Taxa highlighted in yellow were recorded by Harrison as being on "All the Islands" rather than mentioning Rona specifically. In the case of Salix x ambigua, all that is said is "where the parents grow together" - no island is mentioned by name.

Many of the taxa in the table seem likely to be re-found as they are known on Raasay or Skye and there is suitable habitat. Some may be errors e.g. Chenopodium album, Myosotis scorpioides and  Salix x ambigua.

Every year something has been added to the list of recent Rona records - though often these are plants that had never been recorded there before.  Rona remains very inadequately studied in comparison to Raasay.


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