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Up-to-date DISTRIBUTION MAPS for all taxa can be viewed HERE or HERE. Enter the taxon of interest and zoom to the required area e.g. Skye. 

PLANT LISTS for a monad (1 km square), tetrad (2X2 km square or hectad (10 X 10 km square) can be accessed by following this link and replacing NG61C with the monad/tetrad/ hectad of your choice e.g. NG5535 or or NG53M or NG53.

Please note:

A Rare Plants Register for Skye, Raasay & the Small Isles was produced in 2013 and is available free of charge as a pdf file here. A typical entry is here Updates are here and Errata are here.

A list of Axiophytes Skye, Raasay & the Small Isles is available here. More on axiophytes here.

Some Notes on the Squares of the National Grid and the occurrence of common plant species are here.

A Plant Recording Card optimized for VC 104 is here and a coversheet here

The Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland has many useful resources on its website.  New members are always welcome!

My page on the BSBI website includes six-monthly reports on plant recording in vice-county 104. Ten years-worth of reports (2006-2015) can be downloaded here.

Here is a short leaflet about Raasay plants as a pdf:   Raasay Plants 2015

A preliminary list of species native to Skye: Species Native to Skye

Aliens on Skye, Raasay and The Small Isles. Poster and exhibit for Scottish Botanists' Conference November 2019


Botanical Articles from the Raasay Community Newsletter:

March 2016 Raasay's Wintergreens April 2016 Lesser Celandine May 2016 Raasay Worts - Part 1
June 2016 Butterfly-orchids July 2016 Raasay SSSI Aug 2016 Raasay's Insect-eating Plants
Sept 2016 Great Fen-sedge Oct 2016 Raasay's Plants from New Zealand Nov 2016 Some of Raasay’s Saltmarsh Plants
Dec 2016 Raasay's Saltmarsh Plants pt 2 Feb 2017 Ivy Mar 2017 Willows
Apr 2017  Hazel May 2017 Horsetails June 2017 Alder
July 2017  Forget-me-nots Aug 2017 Edible Plants Sept 2017 Eelgrass
Oct 2017 Violas Dec 2017 Holly Feb 2018  Plantains
Mar 2018 Bluebells Apr 2018  Primrose May 2018 Elecampane


Other Botanical Articles:

Bishop's-cap Fits on Skye
Stephen J. Bungard & Seth J. D. Gibson BSBI News September 2017 136 61& colour plate 3.
Extracting records from the Scottish Saltmarsh Survey
Stephen J. Bungard BSBI News April 2017 135 63-64.

Mibora minima in the north-west of Scotland, on Baleshare Island, North Uist, (v.c.110)

Paul A. Smith, Oliver Pescott & Stephen J. Bungard. BSBI News September 2015 130 26-27 & colour plate 3.

Sleat and Southeastern Skye plus Raasay, North Ebudes (v.c. 104) 16th -19th July (Field Meeting Report)
Stephen Bungard. BSBI News April 2006 102 57-58.
Atriplex littoralis By the Way
Stephen J. Bungard & Simon A. Leach. BSBI News Dec 1991 59 11-12.
BSBI Yearbook
North-western Isle of Skye (v.c.104), 9-11 July 2011 (Field Meeting Report)
Stephen Bungard. BSBI Yearbook 2012 pp 76-77
BSBI Scottish Newsletter
Patterns of Flora | Mapping Seven Raasay Habitats
Stephen Bungard BSBI Scottish Newsletter 2016 pp12-14
Recent Additions to the Plant List for VC104
Stephen Bungard BSBI Scottish Newsletter 2015 pp45-46
Raasay - 2002 Update
Stephen J Bungard BSBI Scottish Newsletter 2003 p16
Raasay - 2001 Update
Stephen J. Bungard BSBI Scottish Newsletter 2002 p24-25
Raasay - 1999-2000 Update
Stephen J. Bungard BSBI Scottish Newsletter 2001 pp18-19
Raasay - 1998 Update
Stephen J. Bungard BSBI Scottish Newsletter 1999 pp19-20
Raasay in the 1990s
Stephen J. Bungard BSBI Scottish Newsletter 1997 pp32-35
BSS News
On Being BSBI Recorder for VC104: Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles
Stephen J. Bungard BSS Newsletter March 2017 108, 28-32.
SWT North Newsletter
Aliens on Skye
Stephen J. Bungard SWT North Newsletter Summer 2013 36 pp1-3
Producing a Flora of Raasay and Rona
Stephen J. Bungard SWT North Newsletter August 2009 26 pp1-2
Plant Recording in the North Ebudes
Stephen J. Bungard SWT North Newsletter March 2008 22 pp 1-2
Ophioglossum on the Isle of Raasay
Stephen J. Bungard Pteridologist 3 (6): 155-156 (2001)


It is intended to upgrade the print quality of some of these papers in due course.