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Significant updates are listed here - not simple formatting changes or similar.


Aug 2019 Addition of Leycesteria formosa and Crocosmia pottsii.
27 Jan 2017 Several Hieracium records from 2016 added.
20 July 2016 15 additions including new site for Comarum palustre
12 July 2016 12 additions including new sites for Draba incana and Gymnocarpium dryopteris
9 July 2016 New sites for Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. pulchella, Drosera anglica, Polystichum lonchitis, Saxifraga hypnoides and Silene flos-cuculi.
13 June 2016 26 additions to NG5947 and NG6047 including addition of Rosa caesia subsp. vosagiaca to NG64
13 Mar 2016 New site for Asplenium scolopendium
9 Oct 2015 Addition of Mentha x verticillata, and first records for Hordeum distichon and Anisantha diandra. Modification of Arctium narrative.
10 Sep 2015 Addition of new sites for Ilex aquifolium, Pinguicula lusitanica & Vulpia bromoides.
1 Sep 2015 Addition of new Pseudorchis albida site.
24 June 2015 Addition of 6 new species and a further 9 new 10km records for Rona following visit on 21/6/15.
Addition of 38 new Raasay sites (28 taxa) from the east coast including Veronica becca-bunga in NG54.
10 June 2015 Addition of new sites for Carex sylvatica and Vicia sativa subsp. nigra
22 Apr 2015 Rearrangement of summary & introduction pages. HTML editor changed to Expression Web 4.
31 Mar 2015 Various, mostly cosmetic changes plus a few updates to summary figure.
29 Oct 2014 Addition of Tropaeolum majus plus 16 records from area where the Screapadal Forest was felled.
23 Oct 2014 Addition of first recent record for Prunus padus as a native plant + historical record for Fraxinus excelsior.
18 Sept 2014 Major revision following recording in NG6037 and NG6038, previously not recorded separately. Also first recent record for Salix x multinervis
30 June 2014 Addition of 19 records including Cotoneaster bullatus (new to Raasay) and new sites for Cryptogramma crispus, Spergularia rubra and Vulpia bromoides.
10 June 2014 Addition of 9 records in NG5636
25 May 2014 Addition of new sites for Ulex and Lunaria.
11 May 2014 Addition of 16 records in NG5436/7/8
10 May 2014 Addition of 8 species to NG5633 including Lathyrus linifolius.
13 Apr 2014 Addition of 10 species to NG5636 including Bromposis ramosa, Tussilago farfara,Ulmus glabra and Veronica montana.
18 Oct 2013 Second record for Juncus foliosus and additional site for Lapsana communis.
8 Sept 2013 Addition of Mentha requienii plus 10 records for commoner species in NG5540 & 5541
14 Aug 2013 Addition of new records for Aphanes australis and Geum urbanum
12 Aug 2013 Addition of Centunculs minimus south of west Suisnish
4 Aug 2013 Addition of 16 records of mostly common species but including Gnaphalium uliginosum and Juncus tenuis
1 Aug 2013 Addition of Juniperus record from BBS meeting.
31 July 2013 Eleven species records added near Rubha na Cloiche
9 July 2013 Two species records added near Eyre
28 May 2013 New site for Vicia sativa subsp. nigra
26 April 2013 Addition of 2 records of common species.
1 Apr 2013 Addition of 8 not especially notable records
25 Mar 2013 Addition of 2 records of common species.
16 Mar 2013 Addition of 5 records of common species.
15 Mar 2013 Larix entries updated.
25 Feb 2013 Major reorganisation to place VC104  RPR distribution maps on the website. Addition of Eyebright common names. Other minor improvemants.
6 Feb 2013 Addition of 1937 record for Euphrasia ostenfeldii
28 Nov 2012 Update of nomenclature to Stace 3rd Edition 1st reprint - affects Escallonia and Salix fragilis complex.
18 Oct 2012 Addition of Persicaria lapathifolia, first recent record for Atriplex patula and notes made of continued presence of Scrophularia auriculata and Potentilla reptans at Clachan.
8 Oct 2012 Addition of two records from the area west of Brae
6 Oct 2012 Addition of six records from the area north of Eyre.
23 Sept 2012 Addition of further Hymenophyllum tunbrigense records
1 Sept 2012 Revision of Aphanes arvensis status.
17 Aug 2012 Addition of Cupressus macrocarpa and additional site for Thuja plicata
15 July 2012 Addition of 19 1km records in the Glam to Beinn a' Chappuil area
24 June 2012 Addition of Epilobium hirsutum
18 May 2012 Addition of Symphoricarpos x chenaultii.
17 May 2012 Addition of Centaurea montana and second record for Veronica salicifloia
22 Mar 2012 Addition of old Juncus foliosus and J. ranarius records
18 Sep 2011 Addition of first modern record for Anthemis cotula and second site for Avena sativa.
9 Sep 2011 Addition of new site for Daucus carota.
3 Aug 2011 Addition of new 1 km square record for Stachys palustris and new site for Stellaria graminea
2 July 2011 Addition of Parentucellia viscosa near the ferry terminal.
30 June 2011 20 additional 1km square records from the Eyre area, including Carex x fulva, Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. pulchella and Platanthera bifolia.
19 June 2011 Papaver rhoeas added, plus new site for Lolium multiflorum
29 May 2011 Some VC 104 distribution maps added - see bottom of contents page
22 May 2011 Addition of Sisymbrium altissimum
15 May 2011 Addition of 8th Alopecurus pratensis square
14 May 2011 Several additional records at Eyre
1 Oct 2010 New record for Salix repens.
29 Aug 2010 Addition of Crocosmia "Lucifer"
22 Aug 2010 New site for Lamium pupureum added
5 Aug 2010 Vicia sativa added to Rona list
2-3 Aug 2010 Another new site for Epipactis atrorubens added plus a new site for Abies procera well away from previously known plants. Also, new sites for Carex panicea and Silene dioica.
1 Aug 2010 Dryopteris borreri record added for Rona.
27 July 2010 New site for Epipactis atrorubens included.
27 June 2010 New records for Botrychium and Comarum added.
19 April 2010 Major revisions to match new taxonomy as per New Flora of the British Isles C.Stace 3rd Edition 2010. Also addition of Carex hostiana x demissa and a new site for Prunus spinosa.
1 Apr 2010 Several 1 km square records added for conifers.
29 Mar 2010 Abies alba added
14 Feb 2010 Earlier record for Dryopteris x complexa added.
17 Dec 2009 Index of plants in taxonomic order added. Chrysanthemum segetum changed to Glebionis segetum.
8 Dec 2009 Entries for Juncus acutiflorus and J. x surrejanus modified following further communication from Mike Wilcox.
24 Nov 2009 Search Facility changed to Freefind
8 Sep 2009 Addition of Solidago canadensis
1 Sep 2009 Dubious record for Carlina vulgaris added.
27 July 2009 Lightfoot's comments on Huperzia added to species entry and history section.
26 July 2009 Seven records from 22 July added.
6 July 2009 Four records from 5 July added plus commentary on Pyrola rotundifolia
30 June 2009 A couple of records from 29 June added.
8 June 2009 David Pearman brought to my attention a book detailing James Robertson's expeditions in Scotland in 1767-1771.  Whilst he did not visit Raasay, he did list plants on Skye giving many first records.  I have adjusted my History of Plant Recording page to give him a mention.

Following a reply from CWM I have reviewed and re-writtten the first Raasay and Rona records for five taxa.

25 May 2009 Having re-read Johnson's & Boswell's accounts of their visit to Raasay in 1773 for the first time in several years, I have updated the History page and the first records for four species have been re-assigned to Boswell, 1773. 



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