Terrapin Rescue was set up ten years ago to provide a sanctuary for unwanted red ears. It is not a registered charity but is funded entirely by its founder Terry Bunn. Although it is based in East Hampshire terrapins have been brought in from as far afield as Berkshire, London and Somerset. They are usually unwanted pets handed in by their former owners although a number have been found "wandering" either by individuals or organisations such as the RSPCA.

In the sanctuary terrapins have a home for life as they are not passed on to new owners. For much of the year they are housed in purpose built outside enclosures, although smaller specimens which are unlikely to eat in our winter climate are kept indoors in a heated pool from November to March. Health problems are either dealt with on site or by Downland Veterinary Practice in Emsworth.

Red ears bask in the summer sun at Terrapin Rescue


Terrapin Rescue has now outgrown its present location in a suburban backgarden if it is to continue with its work. We are looking for a site on which it will be possible to erect a greenhouse type structure where it will be possible to house a large pond or ponds plus associated pumping and filtration equipment. We also need people to act as "satellites" to Terrapin Rescue to take in unwanted terrapins when the pressure on space gets too much here.

Anyone able to help or seeking information can email us on:


or telephone 01730 892790



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