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A Listing of the Program Draughts


Added by myself (Thunor) from assembling the many machine code routines distributed across chapters 7, 11, 13 and 15. If you haven't read these chapters then I should point out that draughts is not a complete program, although you can move your pieces and the computer will respond up until a certain point.

Program Organisation
This should be written with HEXLD3D (chapter11-hexld3d.p)
which has its machine code located between 4A82 and 4B77
(RAMTOP should be set to 4A00).

Program Listing
4C09: E1        SPRINT    POP HL
4C0A: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4C0B: 23                  INC HL
4C0C: E5                  PUSH HL
4C0D: FEFF                CP FF
4C0F: C8                  RET Z
4C10: CD0808              CALL PRINT
4C13: 18F4                JR SPRINT
4C15: CD094C              CALL SPRINT
4C18: 001D1E1F202122232476          DEFM " 12345678"
4C22: 1D00BC00BC00BC00BC1D76        DEFM "1 W W W W1"
4C2D: 1EBC00BC00BC00BC001E76        DEFM "2W W W W 2"
4C38: 1F00BC00BC00BC00BC1F76        DEFM "3 W W W W3"
4C43: 2080008000800080002076        DEFM "4        4"
4C4E: 2100800080008000802176        DEFM "5        5"
4C59: 22A700A700A700A7002276        DEFM "6B B B B 6"
4C64: 2300A700A700A700A72376        DEFM "7 B B B B7"
4C6F: 24A700A700A700A7002476        DEFM "8B B B B 8"
4C7A: 001D1E1F202122232476          DEFM " 12345678"
4C84: 76                            DEFB 76
4C85: 76                            DEFB 76
4C86: 76                            DEFB 76
4C87: 0000000000000000000000000000  DEFM "fourteen-spaces"
4C95: FF                            DEFB FF
4C96: C9                  RET
142 bytes.

4C97: FAFB0605  TABLE     DEFB FA FB 06 05
4 bytes.

4C9B: 2E31312A  IMOVE     DEFM "ILLE"
4C9F: 2C263100            DEFM "GAL "
4CA3: 32343B2A            DEFM "MOVE"
4CA7: E1        ERROR     POP HL
4CA8: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4CA9: 2A0C40              LD HL,(D_FILE)
4CAC: 117000              LD DE,0700
4CAF: 19                  ADD HL,DE
4CB0: EB                  EX DE,HL
4CB1: 219B4C              LD HL,IMOVE
4CB4: 010C00              LD BC,000C
4CB7: EDB0                LDIR
4CB9: 13                  INC DE
4CBA: 12                  LD (DE),A
4CBB: C9                  RET
33 bytes.

4CBF: 062A                LD B,2A
4CC1: 7E        POSSIBLY  LD A,(HL)
4CC2: F680                OR 80
4CC4: B9                  CP C
4CC5: C8                  RET Z
4CC6: 23                  INC HL
4CC7: 10F8                DJNZ POSSIBLY
4CCC: 222940              LD (NXTLIN),HL
19 bytes.

4CCF: 2A0C40    INVERT    LD HL,(D_FILE)
4CD2: 066C                LD B,6C
4CD4: 23        COVER     INC HL
4CD5: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4CD6: FE25                CP 25
4CD8: 3006                JR NC,NOINV
4CDA: A7                  AND A
4CDB: 2803                JR Z,NOINV
4CDD: F680                OR 80
4CDF: 77                  LD (HL),A
4CE0: 10F2      NOINV     DJNZ COVER
4CE2: E1                  POP HL
4CE3: C9                  RET
21 bytes.

4CE7: 110D00              LD DE,000D
4CEA: 19                  ADD HL,DE
4CEB: 113C40              LD DE,WKBOARD
4CEE: 062A                LD B,2A
4CF0: EDA0      NSCOPY    LDI
4CF2: 23                  INC HL
4CF3: 10FB                DJNZ,NSCOPY
17 bytes.

4CF8: 222940              LD (NXTLIN),HL
4CFB: 2A0C40    CLWIND    LD HL,(D_FILE)
4CFE: 117000              LD DE,0070
4D01: 19                  ADD HL,DE
4D02: 060E                LD B,0E
4D04: 3600      WIPEOUT   LD (HL),00
4D06: 23                  INC HL
4D07: 10FB                DJNZ WIPEOUT
20 bytes.

4D09: 2A1040    MOVE      LD HL,(VARS)
4D0C: 23                  INC HL
4D0D: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4D0E: 3D                  DEC A
4D0F: 3D                  DEC A
4D10: 3D                  DEC A
4D11: 2001                JR NZ,NOTZERO
4D13: 2F                  CPL
4D14: 5F        NOTZERO   LD E,A
12 bytes.

4D15: 23                  INC HL
4D16: 23                  INC HL
4D17: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4D18: 47                  LD B,A
4D19: 87                  ADD A,A
4D1A: 4F                  LD C,A
4D1B: 87                  ADD A,A
4D1C: 87                  ADD A,A
4D1D: 23                  INC HL
4D1E: E5                  PUSH HL
4D1F: 80                  ADD A,B
4D20: 81                  ADD A,C
4D21: 86                  ADD A,(HL)
4D22: 1F                  RRA
4D23: 3805                JR C,NOERROR1
16 bytes.

4D25: E1        ERROR1    POP HL
4D26: CDA74C              CALL ERROR
4D29: 1D                  DEFM "1"
5 bytes.

4D2A: C60E      NOERROR1  ADD A,0E
4D2C: 6F                  LD L,A
4D2D: 2640                LD H,WKBOARD-high
4D2F: 4E                  LD C,(HL)
4D30: 0680                LD B,80
4D32: 70                  LD (HL),B
4D33: E3        LOOP      EX (SP),HL
4D34: 23                  INC HL
4D35: 227B40              LD (POINTER),HL
4D38: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4D39: C671                ADD A,71
4D3B: 6F                  LD L,A
4D3C: 264C                LD H,TABLE-high
4D3E: 56                  LD D,(HL)
4D3F: E1                  POP HL
4D40: 78                  LD A,B
4D41: A2                  AND D
4D42: 2F                  CPL
4D43: A1                  AND C
4D44: FE27                CP 27
4D46: 20DE                JR NZ,ERROR1
30 bytes.

4D48: 7D                  LD A,L
4D49: 82                  ADD A,D
4D4A: 6F                  LD L,A
4D4B: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4D4C: B8                  CP B
4D4D: 2008                JR NZ,NEXT
4D4F: 7B                  LD A,E
4D50: 3C                  INC A
4D51: 2815                JR Z,CONTINUE
4D53: CDA74C              CALL ERROR
4D56: 1E                  DEFM "2"
4D57: B0        NEXT      OR B
4D58: FEBC                CP BC
4D5A: 2804                JR Z,NOERROR3
4D5F: 1F                  DEFM "3"
4D60: 70        NOERROR3  LD (HL),B
4D61: 7D                  LD A,L 
4D62: 82                  ADD A,D
4D63: 6F                  LD L,A
4D64: 7E        CONTENT   LD A,(HL)
4D65: B8                  CP B
4D66: 20F4                JR NZ,ERROR3
32 bytes.

4D68: 7D        CONTINUE  LD A,L 
4D69: FE40                CP 40
4D6B: 300C                JR NC,NOKING
4D6D: 7B                  LD A,E
4D6E: 3C                  INC A
4D6F: FE02                CP 02
4D71: 3804                JR C,NOERROR4
4D73: CDA74C              CALL ERROR
4D76: 20                  DEFM "4"
4D77: 0E27      NOERROR4  LD C,27
4D79: 71        NOKING    LD (HL),C
4D7A: E5                  PUSH HL
19 bytes.

4D7B: 2A7B40              LD HL,(POINTER)
4D7E: 1D                  DEC E
4D7F: 7B                  LD A,E
4D80: E3                  EX (SP),HL
4D81: 17                  RLA
4D82: 30AE                JR NC,LOOP
4D84: E1                  POP HL
4D85: 0EBC                LD C,BC
4D87: CDBC4C              CALL GAMEOVER
15 bytes.

4D8E: 010000              LD BC,0000
4D91: C5                  PUSH BC
4D92: 213C40              LD HL,WKBOARD
4D95: 7E        NXTCHK    LD A,(HL)
4D96: F680                OR 80
4D98: FEBC                CP BC
4D9A: 227740              LD (SQCHK),HL
4D9D: CA434E              JP Z,EVALUATE
4DA0: 2A7740    KPCHKNG   LD HL,(SQCHK)
4DA3: 2C                  INC L
4DA4: 7D                  LD A,L
4DA5: FE66                CP 66
4DA7: 20EC                JR NZ,NXTCHK
31 bytes.

4DA9: 3A3440    CHOOSE    LD A,(FRAMES)low
4DAC: 90        REPEAT    SUB B
4DAD: 30FD                JR NC,REPEAT
4DAF: 80                  ADD A,B
4DB0: C1                  POP BC
4DB1: 41                  LD B,C
4DB2: 2808                JR Z,FIRSTOFF
4DB4: 33        NSQOFF    INC SP
4DB5: 33        NEXTOFF   INC SP
4DB6: 10FD                DJNZ NEXTOFF
4DB8: 41                  LD B,C
4DB9: 3D                  DEC A
4DBA: 20F8                JR NZ,NSQOFF
19 bytes.

4DBD: 2640                LD H,WKBOARD-high
4DBF: 41                  LD B,C
4DC0: 3B        NEXTSTEP  DEC SP
4DC1: D1                  POP DE
4DC2: 4E                  LD C,(HL)
4DC3: 3680                LD (HL),80
4DC5: 7D                  LD A,L
4DC6: 83                  ADD A,E
4DC7: 6F                  LD L,A
4DC8: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4DC9: FE80                CP 80
4DCB: 2805                JR Z,SQUARE
4DCD: 3680                LD (HL),80
4DCF: 7D                  LD A,L
4DD0: 83                  ADD A,E
4DD1: 6F                  LD L,A
4DD2: 71        SQUARE    LD (HL),C
4DD3: 10EB                DJNZ NEXTSTEP
25 bytes.

4DD5: ED7B7B40            LD SP,(LBASE)
4DD9: 0EA7                LD C,A7
4DE1: 110D00              LD DE,000D
4DE4: 19                  ADD HL,DE
4DE5: EB                  EX DE,HL
4DE6: 213C40              LD HL,WKBOARD
4DE9: 062A                LD B,2A
4DEB: EDA0      LDI       LDI
4DED: 13                  INC DE
4DEE: 10FB                DJNZ LDI
4DF0: C9                  RET
28 bytes.

4DF2: D5                  PUSH DE
4DF3: E5                  PUSH HL
4DF4: 0600                LD B,00
4DF9: 1A        NOWT      LD A,(DE)
4DFA: 4F                  LD C,A
4DFB: D62E                SUB 2E
4DFD: 282A                JR Z,EXIT
4DFF: 1C                  INC E
4E00: E1                  POP HL
4E01: E5                  PUSH HL
4E02: 2640                LD H,40
4E04: 7D                  LD A,L         
4E05: 81                  ADD A,C
4E06: CB40                BIT 0,B
4E08: 2001                JR NZ,LA
4E0A: 81                  ADD A,C
4E0B: 6F        LA        LD L,A
4E0C: 3E7F                LD A,7F
4E0E: B1                  OR C
4E0F: A6                  AND (HL)
4E10: FE27                CP 27
4E12: 20E5                JR NZ,NOWT
4E14: 7D                  LD A,L
4E15: 91                  SUB C
4E16: 6F                  LD L,A
4E17: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4E18: 37                  SCF
4E19: 17                  RLA
4E1A: CB40                BIT 0,B
4E1C: 2006                JR NZ,LB
4E1E: FE79                CP 79
4E20: 20D7                JR NZ,NOWT
4E22: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4E23: 17                  RLA
4E24: 3F        LB        CCF
4E25: 3E81                LD A,81
4E27: 17                  RLA
4E28: 17                  RLA
4E29: CB40      EXIT      BIT 0,B
4E2B: 2006                JR NZ,LC
4E2D: 04                  INC B
4E2E: 67                  LD H,A
4E2F: E3                  EX (SP),HL
4E30: E5                  PUSH HL
4E31: 18C3                JR STARTOFF
4E33: 57        LC        LD D,A
4E34: 7D                  LD A,L
4E35: 91                  SUB C
4E36: 6F                  LD L,A
4E37: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4E38: FE80                CP 80
4E3A: 28BD                JR Z,NOWT
4E3C: 7A                  LA A,D
4E3D: E1                  POP HL
4E3E: D1                  POP DE
4E3F: 92                  SUB D
4E40: D1                  POP DE
4E41: C1                  POP BC
4E42: C9                  RET
82 bytes.

4E46: C680                ADD 80
4E48: 322140              LD (INITIAL),A
4E4B: 11974C              LD DE,TABLE
4E4E: 4D                  LD C,L
4E4F: 69        NXTMRND   LD L,C
4E50: 2640                LD H,40
4E52: 1A        NXTDIR    LD A,(DE)
4E53: 1C                  INC E
4E54: CB7E                BIT 7,(HL)
4E56: 2804                JR Z,ANYDIR
4E58: CB7F                BIT 7,A
4E5A: 20F6                JR NZ,NXTDIR
4E5C: FE2E      ANYDIR    CP 2E
4E5E: CAA04D              JP Z,KPCHKNG
4E61: C5                  PUSH BC
4E62: 47                  LD B,A
4E63: B1                  ADD A,C
4E64: 6F                  LD L,A
4E65: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4E66: 60                  LD H,B
4E67: C1                  POP BC
4E68: FE80                CP 80
4E6A: 2033      TEST      JR NZ,WHAT
4E6C: ED537940            LD (SCANSQR),DE
4E70: CDF14D              CALL SQUAREVAL
48 bytes.

4E73: 57        NEWPRI    LD D,A
4E74: 3A2140              LD A,(INITIAL)
4E77: 92                  SUB D
4E78: 57                  LD D,A
4E79: 1E01                LD E,01
4E7B: 69                  LD L,C
9 bytes.

4E7C: E3                  EX (SP),HL
4E7D: A7                  AND A
4E7E: ED52                SBC HL,DE
4E80: 280D                JR Z,EQUAL
4E82: 19                  ADD HL,DE
4E83: E3                  EX (SP),HL
4E84: 3013                JR NC,FORGETIT
4E86: ED7B7B40            LD SP,(LBASE)
4E8A: 0600                LD B,00
4E8C: D5                  PUSH DE
4E8D: 1802                JR NEWITEM
4E8F: 19        EQUAL     ADD HL,DE
4E90: E3                  EX (SP),HL
4E91: 04        NEWITEM   INC B
4E92: E5                  PUSH HL
23 bytes.

4E93: 33                  INC SP
4E94: 33                  INC SP
4E95: E3                  EX (SP),HL
4E96: 3B                  DEC SP
4E97: 3B                  DEC SP
4E98: E3                  EX (SP),HL
4E9D: 18B0                JR NXTMRND
12 bytes.

4E9F: ED537940  WHAT      LD (SCANSQR),DE
4EA3: 57                  LD D,A
4EA4: E67F                AND 7F
4EA6: FE27                CP 27
4EA8: 2806                JR Z,FOUND
4EAA: ED5B7940            LD DE,(SCANSQR)
4EAE: 189F                JR NXTMRND
4EB0: 3E81      FOUND     LD A,81
4EB2: CB12                RL D
4EB4: 3F                  CCF
4EB5: 17                  RLA
4EB6: 17                  RLA
4EB7: 57                  LD D,A
4EB8: 5C                  LD E,H
4EB9: 7D                  LD A,L
4EBA: 84                  ADD A,H
4EBB: 6F                  LD L,A
4EBC: 2640                LD H,WKBOARD-low
4EBE: 7E                  LD A,(HL)
4EBF: 63                  LD H,E
4EC0: FE80                CP 80
4EC2: 2807                JR Z,JUMP
4EC4: ED537940            LD DE,(SCANSQR)
4EC8: C34F4E              JP NXTMRND
4ECE: 92                  SUB D
4ECF: 18A2                JR NEWPRI
50 bytes.

Total 712 bytes.

The BASIC Part
2 RAND USR 19684
4 RAND USR 19477

The above lines are in addition to the BASIC lines of
HEXLD3D which you still need to restore the machine
code to its correct destination.

Operating Instructions
Type RUN 4 to run draughts.

You play as black at the bottom of the board.

You can move one of your pieces by typing the row and
column of its current location followed by a letter
signifying a direction. The letters are:

A   B
 \ /
 / \
D   C

So "61B" will move your top-leftmost piece north-east.

Download available for 16K ZX81 -> chapter15-draughts3.p

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