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Collaboration forums   10 Apr 13 14:25
 posted by bobz
Two forums for discussion of possible Linux Game Tome replacements have been established. If you're interested in helping with such an effort, please check these out.


The End Is Nigh-er   7 Apr 13 18:01
 posted by bobz
As promised, I've produced an extract of the Linux Game Tome database and placed it in the public domain. You can download it here:

To everyone who is expressing interest in helping to continue The Linux Game Tome: thank you! But don't tell me, tell the community! After this site is shut down, I will walk away from it. I have no plans to be involved in any effort to continue the Linux Game Tome legacy. If you are interested in continuing the legacy, please organize and make it happen.

Should you wish to contact me for any reason, please use email: I don't visit this very often, and it won't be around much longer anyway.



The End is Nigh   25 Mar 13 19:25
 posted by bobz
Hi folks,

The Linux Game Tome will shut down on April 13. Those of us who have maintained over the years now lack both the time and the ambition to do what is necessary to keep the site afloat. If you've been paying attention, you've noticed the spam clogging the forums, the lack of updates and the increasing brokenness of the site. The code driving this site, written by a novice web developer in 1999, is sorely out of date. It's time to put it out of its misery.

If the community misses this resource, I urge it to build The Linux Game Tome v3.0. If such an effort ever came to fruition and publicly pledged to remain free and not for profit, I would be delighted to transfer ownership of the domain. Sometime soon, I'll make available a dump of the Game Tome games database (minus user information) that anyone may use for any purpose they'd like, including building a successor site. Before you ask: no, you may not have a copy of the site code. It is not fit for human consumption. Even as a reference, it can only corrupt.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the site over the years, either as moderators, contributors or benefactors.


Summoning Wars 0.5.6 Updated 3 Jun 12 12:55
 posted by nath
Category: rpg
Avg. Rating: 4.474.474.474.47

Description: Free Diablo-style action RPG


  • Source is provided via Mercurial now
  • Systemwide as well as standalone installation supported
  • Improved Reliability of network gameplay
  • Fixed AI to properly attack archers and mages
  • Last selected player is now automatically selected on restart
  • Map generation for regions is randomized now
  • Added shadows - experimental option, please report any issues
  • Modified the Logo
  • Added option to skip cutscene
  • updates translations: German, Russian, Ukrainian

Stella 3.7 Updated 2 Jun 12 4:52
submitted by stephenaposted by nath
Category: emulator
Avg. Rating: 4.464.464.464.46

Description: An Atari 2600 emulator


  • Implemented Blargg TV emulation effects
  • improved emulation of CompuMate and Mindlink controllers
  • added ability to 'descend' into ZIP archives containing multiple files in the ROM launcher
  • several improvements to the debugger/disassembler and bank-switch schemes

Humble Indie Bundle V is here   1 Jun 12 17:49
 posted by nath

Pay what you want for Psychonauts, LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. If you choose to pay more than the average price, you will also receive Bastion. Each game comes with its soundtrack in both lossless (FLAC) and MP3 formats.

Each of these DRM-free games works on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can optionally be redeemed on Steam if you choose more than $1. Bundle buyers can also benefit the Child's Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, non-profits doing excellent work in the name of gamers worldwide.

Buy the bundle at

Comment: The games are nice, but the real cross platform aspect of the Bundle is in danger as LIMBO hasn't been ported but simply packaged with WINE. The organizers of the Bundle try to hide this behind mumbo-jumbo, but you should be aware.


Free Orion 0.4 Updated 31 May 12 17:10
 posted by nath
Category: strategy
Avg. Rating: 4.324.324.324.32

Description: FreeOrion is an open-source, platform independant galactic conquest game


  • Further reduced turn processing times.
  • Added ship repair.
  • Split LifeFrequency galaxy setup setting into separate Monster and Native Frequencies.
  • Added lists of planets and fleets to Empire encyclopedia entries.
  • Disabled order issuing on various screens between turns, which should avoid potential crashes.
  • Full Changelog

Maziaks Beta4 Updated 30 May 12 16:14
submitted by Kableadoposted by nath
Category: action
Avg. Rating: (not yet rated)

Description: Escape the Maze.


  • Decoupling rendering and physics.
  • Data compression using DEFLATE algorithm.
  • Bugfixes.

Oil rush 1.0.7 Updated 30 May 12 14:11
 posted by nath
Category: strategy
Avg. Rating:

Description: RTS with a Tower Wars genre


  • Improved compatibility with open source drivers in Linux.
  • Tuned 3DVision settings: more depth.
  • Fixed Russian localization for Steam.
  • Added German localization.
  • Improved NVIDIA 3DVision support.
  • Introduced performance optimizations on "Ultra" graphics settings.
  • Added info on ongoing multiplayer matches in Steam lobby.
  • Enabled auto-refresh in Steam lobby.
  • Fixed Steam achievements (campaign mode).
  • Fixed some localization errors.
  • Minor bugfixes in campaign missions.
  • Added hot key for journal (F1 by default).
  • Added "Quick save" function (F5 by default).
  • Added Mac OS X version for Steam.
  • Added autorun launcher for retail version.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

PlaneShift Updated 30 May 12 13:08
submitted by Taladposted by nath
Category: rpg
Avg. Rating:

Description: 3D persistent fantasy MMORPG


  • Fixed disappearing terrain when grass is turned on
  • Fixed crash in arena sound
  • Fixed jump inertia, now jump should look more natural
  • Fixes to new npc dialogue: fixed display of answers (was broken). Correct handling of riddle answers. Removed double bubbles.
  • Fixed voiceover in tutorial, it's now fully available.
  • Fixed all default options in new installed clients (example sound turned on, weather turned off)
  • Added automatic way to spawn items on top of natural resource locations (example flowers/plants). This will make hunting for plants/ingredients much easier.
  • Added a number of new icons and 3d models for plants/herbs
  • Herbal crafting, it's now possible to craft herbal recipes. Quests/events are coming
  • Enchanting gems. It's now possible for wizards to enchant gems. Quests/events are coming
  • Blacksmiths can set enchanted gems into armour to produce magic resistant armours. Quests/events are coming
  • New loading screens
  • Fixed char creation traits selection (also added new ylian face)
  • Updated pslaunch art
  • Improved Options menu. More relevant items at the top, added explanation of options available in Launcher.
  • Improved in game Help window.
  • Added quickbar window to the main toolbar.

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Tuesday, May 29
 OpenMW 0.15.0
 E.S.P. Hadouken 0.1

Monday, May 28
 Arx Libertatis 1.0.1

Sunday, May 27
 DccNiTghtmare 0.9

Saturday, May 26
 Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye 0.9.1

Friday, May 25
 Slipstream 0.2
 Billiards 0.4.1

Wednesday, May 23
 gbrainy 2.1.3
 Celestia 1.6.1
 FreeCol 0.10.5
 Pentobi 2.0
 Linuxtag 2012

Tuesday, May 22
 The Legend of Edgar 1.01

Monday, May 21
 Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2.15
 >Freeciv 2.3.2

Sunday, May 20
 Battle for Wesnoth 1.10.3
 Oil rush 1.0.2

Saturday, May 19
 Stick Knights Online 1.0.4

Friday, May 18
 Arx Libertatis 1.0

Thursday, May 17
 Stendhal 1.00

Tuesday, May 15
 Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye 0.9

Monday, May 14
 BTMappack 1.06
 fs-uae 1.2.1

Sunday, May 13
 Cubosphere Beta 0.2a

Saturday, May 12
 Bitfighter 017b

Friday, May 11
 Stick Knights Online 1.0.3

Thursday, May 10
 Scid Vs PC 4.7

Wednesday, May 9
 BitRock InstallBuilder 8.2.0

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