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The Linux Game Tome
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Previous Happypenguin polls

QuestionDate posted
Browser games are2011-04-22
What's the most important part of a game?2010-09-26
What genre of free games would you like to see more of?2010-06-11
Do you play games using wine?2010-01-26
Do you spend more time on linux games now than you did 5 years ago?2009-11-26
What is your personal game porting requirements?2009-07-18
Did you buy a game during LGP's flash sale?2009-06-02
Why haven't you suggested a new poll yet?2009-04-29
What is (or is intended to be) your primary portable gaming device?2009-02-22
What is your keyboard layout ?2009-02-05
My primary Graphics card uses a chip from: 2008-11-13
What Do you Use in Game programming ??2008-10-05
What's your favorite Open Source Game character?2008-09-11
Which type of games do you like the most ?2008-07-25
Which operating system are you using right now?2008-04-26
How many different games from the Linux Game Tome did play last month?2008-03-15
How big is the biggest program that you have ever coded by yourself?2008-02-19
Do you prefer online gaming or single player?2007-10-24
How many happypenguin users have you met in real life2007-07-26
"Side shooters/platform games/text adventures have all but disappeared! This is a:"2007-07-06
Favourite Evil Genius2007-05-28
Polls on the gametome: Serious or fun?2007-03-28
Which one is the best programming language for game programming?2007-02-06
How fast is your network connection?2006-12-16
When was the last time you bought a computer game for an OS other than linux?2006-11-18
Penguins in GPL games...2006-11-04
My first computer....2006-09-28
What would you think about ads on the Game Tome?2006-09-01
What do you think about the Linux Game Tome?2006-07-17
Will you buy X2?2006-07-05
What is your favourite platform you run linux on?2006-06-19
When was the last time you bought a Linux game?2006-05-12
What do you dislike most about yourself?2006-05-02
What IDE do you use for gamedev?2006-04-22
What improvement do you want to see on the GameTome?2006-01-26
My biggest contribution to the opensource community...2006-01-19
Wouldn't it be nice if you could open the cdrom tray just by pressing 'eject', and not having to open a console first and unmounting the drive? Not to mention using fuser, lsof and killall?2006-01-13
What is for you the most important feature in an opensource/free software game?2005-08-25
How long have you been running Linux? 2005-06-14
Do you own a joystick or a gamepad?2005-03-24
What do you think about current status of The Linux Game Tome?2004-12-30
What is the most important aspect of good computer RPG game?2004-12-17
What kind of completly new Open Source game would you like to see here on Game Tome most?2004-12-03
What do you think about Linux Gaming today?2004-12-02
What time brings you the Happiest memories in terms of gaming?2004-11-22
What's your favorite type of music?2004-11-15
What is your largest hard disk partition dedicated to?2004-08-30
Aren't horses pretty?2004-07-30
What filesystem do you use?2004-07-06
Best method to block mind-control rays:2004-05-11
Most appealing word:2004-01-19
What continent are you from?2003-11-19
Take a deep breath.

Hold it.


There, don't you feel better now?

Should games whose content offends some people be removed from the Game Tome?2003-09-26
Least favorite game type:2003-08-26
Best online shooter:2003-07-15
My display is a...2003-06-11
Favorite fastener:2003-05-10
What do you think of snyke repeatedly showing up in the Tome's polls?2003-05-07
Neverwinter Nights:2003-03-29
Favorite mammal:2003-03-11
Preferred game screen resolution:2003-02-03
Look down. Are you wearing pants?2002-12-10
I first visited the Linux Game Tome in2002-11-23 seems _____ since the server move.2002-11-12
Bedtime is:2002-10-24
Unreal Tournament 2003...2002-09-23
My favorite flamewar is...2002-09-07
Cast thy vote to determine the winner of the LBreakout2 Theming Contest:2002-08-31
In a boy band, bobz would be:2002-08-29
When I first played a linux game I was2002-08-13
I visit happypenguin.org2002-07-19
If "at launch" = 10 days after release, how long is "shortly afterward"?2002-06-27
Neverwinter Nights2002-06-05
What class of commercial quality games do you miss most on linux?2002-04-23
Do you think using a windows api layer is a viable solution to cross platform problems?2002-02-20
How many Loki ports did you purchase? Alpha Centauri, Civ:Call To Power, Descent3, Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, Heavy Gear II, Heavy Metal:FAKK2, Heretic II, Hereoes of Might & Magic III, Kohan, MindRover, Myth II, Postal, Railroad Tycoon II,Rune, Rune:Valhalla,SimCity 3000, Soldier of Fortune, Tribes 2, Unreal Tournament 2002-02-03
HTML documentation2002-01-29
Speed of your Linux machine2002-01-22
Primary Linux web browser:2001-12-22
Is it time for a new poll?2001-12-17
Should there be more more precompiled games including all libraries (static compiled) ?2001-08-14
I own ___ devices that are running Linux2001-06-26
My age is:2001-05-29
What continent are you from?2001-05-15
Name for Bob's new kitty:2001-04-22
Which upcoming commercial game are you most excited about?2001-03-25
Best excuse for not updating the site:2001-01-29
Favorite X terminal program:2000-11-05
Which version of Xfree are you using ?2000-10-18
My Linux filesystem contains mostly:2000-09-11
If the Linux version of a commercial game is released later than the Windows version, I will:2000-09-01
My biggest complaint about the Linux Game Tome is:2000-07-27
The Linux game I create will be:2000-06-30
Typical Open Source games most need better:2000-06-06
Will OpenGL become inadequate for tomorrow's games?2000-05-24
Emulators like XMAME and NEStra...2000-05-15
Based on NVIDIA's treatment of Linux drivers for their products, I think...2000-05-04
My quality of life ... while Happypenguin was down.2000-04-28
Game Tome polls should be updated every:2000-03-21
How many versions of tetris does Linux need?2000-02-23
Linux game authors have been responsive with inquiries and issues regarding their games:2000-02-17
How many commercial Linux games have you purchased?2000-01-31
My favorite game-library is2000-01-25
The command line is2000-01-20
The polls here lately have been:2000-01-10
Have you ever played a Linux game? 2000-01-04
Do you believe in Santa Claus?1999-12-22
Do you prefer to download the source code to a game and compile yourself, or a precompiled executable ?1999-11-30
My linux game machine is a:1999-11-16
What is the speed of your internet connection?1999-11-03
How excited are you about the Unreal Tournament client release?1999-10-21
I am attending ALS1999-10-12
Is WINE a realistic way to play Windows games under Linux?1999-09-30
I have compiled a Linux kernel.1999-09-22
What continent do you come from? 1999-09-13
I use my Linux system primarily for:1999-09-07
My Linux gaming system runs:1999-08-29
I purchase commercial Linux games...1999-08-19
On what OS do you do most of your gaming?1999-08-11
Linux needs more _____ games.1999-08-03
My primary Linux game playing box has ___ operating systems installed:1999-07-26
The Game Tome database should include:1999-07-14
I contribute to the Linux game community by:1999-07-08
How long have you been running Linux?1999-06-21
How old are you?1999-06-21
Does your Linux system have a 3D accelerator installed?1999-06-20
How often do you visit the Game Tome?1999-06-07
How long does it usually take to get a game for Linux up and running?1999-05-28
I think of as:1999-05-27
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