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Version: 1.5
Author: Brad Pitzel  
Category: Arcade Rate this game yourself!   Average of 2 Ratings:

An asteroids game for the console.

This asteroids game is one of the Linux console classics. Shoot down chunks of flying dog food and dodge little enemy spaceships trying to shoot at you. If you like this game, try Maelstrom too.

License: free

Sound: Play in X: Play in Console: Multiplayer: Network Play: 3D Acceleration: Source Available:
yes no yes no no no yes

If you try this software, don't forget to come back to this page and rate it!

Submitted by tessa on 1998-09-01.

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  Sasteroids posted by Anonymous @ on Jul 15 2001 5:24 AM  
Im 20 years old and Im just learning Linux. I found this game on my First Linux (MiniLinux) and it's great. Please reat it with at least four stars. Thanks

  Sasteroids posted by Anonymous @ on Aug 18 1999 3:38 PM  
This is a great game for a low power system. If you have an old 386, it works fine, and is easy to install. Just a fun, full colour game.

  Sasteroids posted by abamfici @ on Jun 16 1999 5:26 AM 4444
I just like it.

  Sasteroids posted by tessa @ on Sep 1 1998 12:00 AM 333

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