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Sample track on Island album "Bumpers" early seventies and I was hooked. Introduced If to various people but gig at Sheffield City Hall (1971?) cancelled for some reason. Undaunted continued to play air sax along to If albums. Still do sometimes.
Rog S.

My brother and I first became aware of If while driving around town with the FM radio blasting. We heard this incredible tune by this band with two saxes.... After that, the announcer said "That was If, from their third album, a track called "Fibonacci's Number."
I had a hard time finding the album even then (1972). If were way underpromoted on the west coast, where I think they could have been huge. I played the album for everyone I knew (we were all "band geeks"). Most of them liked the band but didn't care for J.W., which I find incomprehensible to this day.
Cliff B, California, USA

One of the greatest jazz-rock bands??? This WAS the greatest jazz-rock band in the world!!! Criminally ignored by the meediah - who wouldn't recognise real talent if it bit them on the a*se - and stupidly compared to Chicago and BS&T (both good, seen them live) but they don't hold a candle. Maybe if they were an American band the journos would have been on their knees worshipping. I was learning tenor at the time, writing songs, constructing home-built effects units, and experimenting with multi-tracking. I read a three-line write-up in the Melody Maker and caught the words jazz, Morrisey and electronic. Instantly intrigued I took my girlfriend to the Torrington. Squeezed into the club with a mixed age group of young to old. After the first number I think we were all stunned. This was something completely new and different. Unusual vocalist, creative chord backing from organ and saxes, and the driving bass and drums - along with subtle electronic effects - which enveloped the audience. Of course, the solos were brilliant. A truly great band that people still talk about. PS. Went out with the girlfriend for 5 years then married her. Still married! If music be the food of love ......
Derek of Watford

I've just found this site, great work done ! IF were and still are ( I'm 53 ! ) one of my favourite jazz-rock bands and I'm absolutely delighted with this site ( it's already added to my 'Favorites' ). It offers many facts about the band I didn't know, and a lot of interesting photos. I possess all original LPs and through decades I'm enjoying in their music!
All the best , Berislav

My Band and I have to play this song [Winter of Your Life] tomorrow and we didn´t know the text, because we´re from Germany and its really difficult for us to understand. Sorry, but i didn´t see the band live, bacause i´m 20 years old (thats not my generation), but i love this music. My Uncle and i play this song tomorrow, because of the 35th birthday of his band, thanks, thanks, thanks.
André K., Berlin.

Thank you for allowing all of us to appreciate this great band by your amazingly informative site. I have been a fan for a very long time, and have seen Terry Smith on 2 occasions. Once at the Stables in Wavendon. Playing an amazing set. I haven't much in the way of recorded material of IF but the 2nd album is my all time fave.
Steve T, New Zealand

I saw If many times and in my eyes are still the most original and most entertaining band ever.I once went to see them at Queens Hall Widnes and Dick Morrissey had forgotten his flute. He asked if anybody in the audience had a flute. I sheepishly stood up and raised my hand. Lew Futterman then drove me to Warrington 7 miles away in his left hand drive Cadillac at mach one, it was a white knuckle ride I can assure you. Any way on our return we had the enjoyment of Dick making my flute sound like it never had before. After the gig we were asked to join the band in the Sun Inn over the road and enjoyed several drinks all paid for by Dick. A most memorable evening.
Ray Spencer

I have to say, 'If' and the album of the same name has to be certainly one of my favorite albums. I work in music and was not even born when these guys formed. What happened to this kind of music? Shame. Cheers for the tribute!