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This site is written by a sad fool with a fascination for the water closet. It may one day expand to include all sorts of areas of sanitation, and even enable you to find a loo when you are out and about, but that's a long way off yet.

This site is coded by hand, so all errors are entirely my fault. I test sites in Internet Explorer up to Version 5 for Mac/PC, Netscape up to 6 for PC/Mac and Safari for Macintosh. As far as I'm concerned you can view this site on a seven inch black-and-white screen if you want, but something with a few more pixels might be better.

The image on the opening screen, and the water closet symbols in the menu, are taken from a diagram of a model underground public convenience, as illustrated in Technical Plumbing and Sanitary Science, By S. Barlow Bennett, BT Batsford Ltd, London 1925.

The material in this site has been researched using many sources, some of which have been lost in the mists of my memory. However, the following have long been prominent on my bookshelf:

Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper, Adam Hart Davis
Flushed with Pride, Wallace Rayburn
The Smallest Room, John Putnam
London Under London, Richard Trench and Eric Hillman

In addition, a dusty cassette holds a copy of Forty Minutes- On The Throne, BBC 1984