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 Chain of Events: a brief history of the WC

 Pull & Let Go: how the lavatory works

 By Any Other Name: it's a loo, a kharzi, a bog, a throne...

News items:

 Is the British Loo Down the Pan? (BBC News)

 Why spending a Pfennig is a dying art... (Irish Times)

 Westcountry PCs in crisis (BBC1 Politics Show)

 Hull's famous public conveniences (Hull City Council)

 Pop-up pissoirs in Westminster including an animated guide (Guardian)


 Water, Water, Everywhere- Sydney's historic public WCs.

 Flushed with Pride exhibition at the Gladstone Pottery Museum

 Flushed with Pride exhibition in Leicester


 Thomas Crapper & Co.

 Trent sanitaryware specifications

 Urilift Pop-up urinals- the new pissoir

 Danfo, a European manufacturer of modular public conveniences

 Wallgate automatic hand-wash units and anti-vandal lavatories

Other sites:

 Thunder, Flush & Thomas Crapper (A. Hart Davis)

 The BTA, the national organisation campaigning for better public conveniences

 Loo of the Year Awards

 WCs of the world in photographs

 Zero-gravity WC instructions from '2001- A Space Odyssey'

 Old advertising guidelines for taste & decency