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Lifting the lid: how the WC works
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The modern water closet has evolved over the last two centuries, and comes with many variations. It is therefore not possible to claim that there is one 'way it works'. This section of the site outlines the way various parts of the water closet work, and shows some of the variations. Click on the links below to find out how different parts work.

a WCThe Cistern (aka the water tank)
Usual British Cistern | Bell Syphon Cistern | Dual Flush Cisterns | Automatic Flushing Cisterns | Flap Valve Cisterns | Pressure Chamber Cisterns
The Pan (aka the bowl, closet, commode)
Washdown pans | Wash-out pans | Syphonic Pans
The Ballcock (aka the ball valve, float valve)

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