Our 2019/2020 Season

Cash on Delivery


By Michael Cooney

1st - 5th October 2019. All Tickets £7.00 (no concessions)

Eric Swan (aided by his Uncle George and unbeknown to his wife, Linda) has pocketed thousands of pounds through fraudulent DSS claims.

When Norman Bassett (the lodger) opens the door to Mr Jenkins, the DSS Inspector, deceptive mayhem follows — as do the undertaker, bereavement counsellor, psychiatrist, Norman's fiance, a corpse, the ominous Ms Cowper and a rather rebellious washing machine!

Tickets go on sale on 31st August 2019


A Farce



Directed by Connor Parkinson



by David Jeanes

30th Nov, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th & 7th December 2019. All Tickets £7.00 (no concessions)

Panto time again (oh yes it is!!). Our traditional panto returns with the dreadful jokes, strange men
dressed as even stranger women and girls dressed as boys... yes it’s all good family fun and all in good taste.

Join Aladdin, his dim witted brother and the glorious Widow Twankey as they battle the evil Abanazer in this hilarious pantomime fun for all ages

Tickets go on sale from 12th October 2019



A Pantomime

Directed by Hannah Boardman

Passing Strangers


by Eric Chappell

28th January - 1st February 2020

"Fickle thing, memory", Malcolm discovers how true his words are when he takes his friend Clive to a singles’ evening. Clive, a hospital porter masquerading as a doctor, has just been left by his wife, while Malcolm is a confirmed bachelor and 'big in imports' - really a market stall trader.

In the deserted hotel bar, to the depressing soundtrack of the next-door ballroom, they meet two recent divorcees; upwardly-mobile Julie and cynical, defiant Liz.

Malcolm soon finds that life, like the evening, is full of surprises.

Tickets go on sale from 4th January 2020



A Comedy

Directed by Jenny Whur

Something to Hide


by Brian Clemens

24th - 28th March 2020

April 1939.

An English couple, Peter and Suzy, are living in Provence in idyllic isolation, far, it seems, from the rumblings of the coming war.

Their peace is shattered from within when Suzy discovers she has been betrayed: Peter is not the man he claims to be.

Suzy's life is thrown into turmoil as the possibility arises that Peter may in fact be a ruthless killer on the run.

Then a Scotland Yard detective arrives and events become even more complicated and frightening ...Lies, subterfuge and murder make this fast-moving thriller a dark and disturbing roller coaster of bluff and double bluff.

Tickets go on sale from 29th February 2020

A Thriller

Directed by Kaye Taylor

Dummy Placeholder playbill


by Norman Robbins

19th - 23rd May 2020


'Prepare To Meet Thy Tomb' follows 'Tomb With A View' and 'Tiptoe Through the Tombstones' to complete the trilogy of plays from Norman Robbins about the family that play together and slay together: the murderous Tombs.

Margaret Speakes returns to the Director's Chair in this comedy thriller to round off both the trilogy (the previous two plays have featured at TLT in the past), and our 99th Season.

Tickets go on sale from 25th April 2020


A Comedy Thriller

Directed by Margaret Speakes



Tyldesley Little Theatre reserve the right to amend this playbill should the need arise.

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