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Roger Vaughan 2002

I just received this old photo from my mother yesterday, found recently as she was sorting through some of my dad's items....
Alandra Palisser, British Columbia, Canada

The first photo was taken at Harpford Wood, outside the Keeper's Cottage, in Devon, England, where my great grandfather was a gamekeeper. The adults in the photo are my paternal great grandparents Alfred Henry and Clara Daniells (ne้ England) (my mother met them when I was a baby, so she said that is definitely who these people are) and her sister Caroline (Carrie) in the centre
The second picture is Alfred and Clara with two children, the boy may have been one of the twins (boy and girl) born 17 July 1886.
Family at Harpford Woods, Devon, UK    At Harpford Woods. Devon. UK
Much Larger View
Gamekeeper at Harpford Woods. Devon. UK  
[The Gamekeeper and his family at Harpford Woods, taken around 1904 but who took them and why? Possibly someone on the estate was an amateur photographer - Roger Vaughan.]

c.1883    1884   
Photographs from the 1880s
First Photo: Two (as yet) unknown ladies dressed in smart new clothes and boots c.1883.
Second Photo: Great grandmother Clara England, probably taken on her 21st birthday c.1884, born at Almondsbury/Thornbury, Gloucestershire. UK.
Clara is the wife of the gamekeeper above
Photographer: Lindon Hatt, Bristol. UK (in business 1883 to 1888)

Great grandmother Clara and dad    Maternal grandmother and my mother and aunt
First Photo: This is my great grandmother Clara again, with my dad. My dad looks to be wearing the same bonnet as in that little round photo. I always smile at Clara's boot sticking out in many of her photos. (my dad died last April, just a couple wks past his 90th birthday).

Second Photo: This time, my maternal grandmother, my mother on her knee and my aunt standing beside. The necklace came from Africa, I believe, (some sort of bean for luck or something) -- as they lived there (my mother was born at Pretoria, S.Africa). My grandfather was in the Royal Engineers, and they went out there. They also lived in Gibraltar.

This is my dad's dad (my grandfather) - do you think this could be the boy in the second Harpford Woods photo? [Yes I do - Roger] He was a policeman for awhile. Then worked at the Southampton docks, where he was killed in an accident in May 1944. {LSWR and 53 on helmet]

My dad 1912    My dad 1912    James Linch   

First Photo: One of my dad at a few months old (born April 1912). What do you think of the bonnet! Priceless. Much more suitable for a girl, but then the baby boys clothes in those days did seem to be more girlish didn't they.

Second Photo: My dad at a few months old.

Third Photo: This soldier is an ancestor of mine, on my mother's father's side. He died in Djinapur, India. James Joseph Linch. 2nd Batt. 35 Regiment. I believe it's a photograph of a painting. I think the photographer's name is someone in Southampton.

ssss    ssss     ss    

First Photo: Mary (nee Tatchell) Loader, my mother's maternal grandmother. Taken in 1907 acc to my grandmother's writing on front of photo (I recognize my grandma's writing ) I don't have a birthdate on this lady.

Second Photo: My maternal grandfather, Robert Edward Kimber, aged 19/20 I believe. He was born December 1883.

Third Photo: This is my maternal grandmother, aged 19. Emily Lucy Loader, whose married name was KIMBER. She was born August 1882. Lovely photo. This is the lady in the photo with the baby on her knee and little girl standing beside her.

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First Photo: This lady is another of my great grandmothers on mum's dad's side. This is my mother's dad's mum. (note the wavy hair on both Robert and his mother!).
Sarah Ann (nee Linch,) who married a Harry Kimber. She was born in September 1850. I don't know how old she was here. I have a faint recollection of her, but she died when I was very young. She lived with my maternal grandparents at the end of her days.
I always like the smile on this lady, (wondering what she was smiling about) -- as it seems unusual, as it seems to me that most people looked very serious in photographs in those days. (do you know why this was?) [early photographs required no movement of the face muscles for the time of the exposure, a smile could not be kept that long - looking happy in a photograph I feel is anyway a more modern idea - Roger Vaughan]

Second Photo: One of my favourite pics of myself with my precious little dog, Bebe. We had to leave her behind when we left England. broke my heart.

Third Photo: My mother is the younger girl and my aunt the older one.

Constructed by R.F.Vaughan 2002 from information supplied by Alandra Palisser.

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