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Roger Vaughan 2002

I have attached a scan of a photograph of my Great Grandfather and his family taken by Alfred R. Maytum & Co. Wellington, Salop (Shropshire, UK.) on August 20th 1888 - Alan Nason

1888 - Larger View
The Photograph : August 20th 1888

'Here is the information about Thomas Vickers and his family who all appear in the Photograph:   My Great Grandfather Thomas Vickers was born in 1842 and in 1888 was 46 years old. In the census for 1871 Thomas was listed as a Carpenter/Joiner Journeyman. In the 1881 census he was listed as a Joiner and builder. In the 1891 census he was listed as a Builders Assistant. At about this time he became the Clerk Of Works for the Duke of Sutherland's Estates in Shropshire.   Thomas's wife Mary was four years older than Thomas. She was born in 1839 and in the picture was 49.   In the picture Thomas is standing with Mary on his left. Standing next to Mary is Charles Frederick Vickers their oldest Son. Charles was born about 1865 and was a Carpenter/Joiner. In the picture he was 23.    Seated at the left of the picture is Mary Jane Vickers (my grandmother) who was born in 1868 and soon after the picture was taken went into "Service". She was 20 in the picture.   Next to Mary Jane seated in the centre is William Vickers born about 1870 he was about 18 in the picture, he was a to become a Butcher   On William's Left is John Austin Vickers born in 1866 he was 22 in the picture and he became a School Teacher and eventually went to work for the Marquis of Salisbury in the Estate Office at Hatfield.   Seated on the floor at the left is Thomas Vickers junior. He was born about 1872 and was about 14 in the picture. He was to be apprenticed to a Printer.   Seated on the floor on the right is Samuel who was born in about 1876 he was about 12 in the picture. I do not know what his occupation was to be.'

Notes on this photo: by Roger
This is a good cabinet card photograph, showing eight members of the same family, all are reasonably well dressed - so a family with a good income. The daughter has on a very fine dress over an obvious corset and looks up to date, her mother has a simpler plain dress but not so fashionable. The mens' jackets have small high lapels and are buttoned at the top, rather as they did in the 1860s. The lad in the front has lace-up boots and the other on the floor has a stiched seam down the outside of his trousers. Jackets and trousers are of different colours, usually the trousers being lighter, but not always. A good image useful for dating other photographs.
The descendants of this family are in Canada.
(some colour added to original scan to improve contrast)

I am a furniture restorer from kent and the other day I was working on a scottish chest (chest of drawers) when I found tucked away inside a coupon issued by Williams & Williams of Cardiff, giving the the bearer two shillings and ninepence off of their phtographic services. The complimentary coupon is dated September 1906, if this is of any interest I can scan the coupon and send it to you by E mail. I personally found it quite fascinating. John Ford, Deal, Kent.

There is a good deal of information on this coupon, the 12 branches open in 1906, that they were still producing CDV and that 12 normally would cost you 5/- [five shillings]. No sitters after dusk - so they were not using electric lights and lots of other information on sizes, types and prices. - Roger.

The Front of the Coupon------------The Back of the Coupon

I have forwarded a small back and frontal view of what looks to be an oil painted photograph with the address Villiers & Quick, 46 Park St., Bristol. The dimensions are 16 X 20 inches and has a date of 1879 painted on the back with the address. There are also references in pencil as follows: 'Eyes blue gray Hair white white' and also a barely readable reference to completion.

Do you have any information about this painting/photo/collection? Do you know who this person is?

email: Bonnie Santaniello c/o William Dewberry

Villiers & Quick Oil Painting written on the back of the painting Back of a CDV in Roger Vaughan's collection

Notes by Roger

Villiers & Quick. In 1879 this photographer appeared at 46 Park Street, Bristol (UK) moving to 52 Park Street by 1887 and 42 Park Street in 1912. As the photo is dated 1879 it was painted in their first year of business - perhaps an introductory offer? The back of many photographs from the 19th century say that oil paintings can be made from a photograph (one above) and was one of the services often offered to get that extra sale. This is interesting! as I have never seen one of these oil paintings before - but there must be thousands out there! Artists were often employed touching up photographs or colouring them etc.

Photos of the British Royal Family 1895 - 1898

I am been browsing through your website and found it very interesting. My wife and I are very interested in Royal history and everything related. We are in possession of two original photos herewith attached. - Ms. Alba della Volta


Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, Duchess of York (Later Queen Mary - Wife of King George V )

Photograph------- back

Princess Alexandra of Denmark,Princess of Wales (Later Queen Alexandra - Wife of King Edward VII ) and grandchildren ( probably two of them are children of Mary???????)



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