Victorian and Edwardian Photographs - Roger Vaughan Picture Library PL53

Early 20th Century Real Photo Postcards

Family group photo c.WW1
Family group Bridport UK c.1890
1920s lady
Edwardian Girl with large hat
Two ladies in 1930s bathing costumes
PL 53-1 PL 53-2 PL 53-3 PL 53-4 PL 53-5
Two young ladies in late 1930s bathing costumes
Six young ladies in 1930s bathing costumes
humor - An Interrupted Proposal, 1904
Comedy put your head through cut-outs, 1930s
Seated boy with walking stick c.1930
PL 53-6 PL 53-7 PL 53-8 PL 53-9 PL 53-10

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