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The photographic archive contains local scenes grouped around physical areas of the village - a map on the Days Past page shows these areas. There are also two social categories. Inevitably there is some overlap between categories: eg: people may feature in street scenes, and particular buildings may feature in photographs of people so it is worth browsing them all.

Additionally, there are two index pages for the neighbouring village of Heydon


This site has been assembled and is owned by Robert G Walden.The content, both written and photographic, is copyright of  either the owners or authors (all rights acknowledged) and its use elsewhere is strictly prohibited without permission.





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Click here for Pam Wyatt's 1980 Collages of 52 Chrishall buildings

Click here for Pam Wyatt's original photographs used for the 1980 Collages

Click here for a photographic tour of Chrishall Today













This is an historical archive of the village containing many old photos of the village and villagers plus census returns.

Here you will find general information and photos of recent events. A modern day photographic tour of the village is included

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