1861 Census Return for Chrishall, Essex UK.

These pages have been copied from data kindly supplied by Angela Philips of Melbourne Australia. Angela is distantly related to the Brooks, Cranwell and Clarke families of Chrishall but her main interest is the Law family of Clavering,. Scroll down and click on the link at the bottom of the page to move to the next page. Whilst great care has been taken in copying the data, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Genealogists should check with the Public Records Office if in any doubt. The enumerator's spelling (eg Marther) has been retained.

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Where Born

(otherwise in Chrishall Essex)


Church St James Guiver Hd m 46   Ag. Lab .
  Sarah Guiver Wife m   43   .
  Hannah Guiver. . Dau Un   17   .

Walter John Guiver

Son Un 4     .
Church St. James Wallman Hd m 38   Beer Shop & Blacksmith .Heydon, Essex
Lion & Gate Beer shop Sarah Wallman m 37 Wife m   37   Heydon, Essex Geo.
  Edward, Son Un 13     Heydon, Essex
  Sarah Ann Dau Un   10    
  Emma Eliz Dau Un   6    
  Mary Jane Dau Un   4    
  Harriet B Dau Un   3    
  Henery Wallman Lodger Un 44   Shoe Maker Heydon, Essex
  James H. Greenhill Lodger Wid 56   Bricklayer Chatham, Kent
3 Church St. Joseph Young Hd Wid 57   Ag. Lab Elmdon, Essex
  Caroline Young Dau Un   27    
  Esther Ward Visitor Un   19    
  James Smith Hd m. 33   Ag. Lab Chesterford, Essex
  Sarah Smith Wife m   36    
  Charley Smith Son Un 3      
  Ann Smith Dau ? Un   4 wks?    

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