The information that follows was converted to electronic form from the Public Records Office by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

This index will be of interest to genealogists and those interested in the social history of Chrishall. It shows to where those born in the village had moved and the occupations they were following. Even in 1881 many local residents had moved to London and some of their vocations, such as fireman, policeman and railwayman, would not have been possible in rural Chrishall.

However, apart from one individual serving in the Royal Navy, no residents appear to have moved ‘up north’ although one Cranwell family was living in Nottingham.

This index is in alphabetical order by surname of each Chrishall born subject but divided into the five regions in which Chrishall born subjects were living:

  1. Southwestern region
  2. Midlands region
  3. East Anglian region (excl Essex)
  4. Northern Borders & Miscellany region
  5. Greater London region (Middlesex)
  6. Greater London region (western counties)
  7. Greater London region (eastern counties – incl Essex but excl Chrishall)

This is a long Word document. Click Southwestern region to go to first page and then scroll through the regions.