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School c1890

School 1910? 

School c 1915

School 1916


School c1918



School c1918

School c1918

School c1918

School c1922 -

School c 1949

School c1950

Most of these photographs have been lent by Margaret & Richard Rogers and by Bruce Drury from their family collections. Click on each one to open up a larger photo.   If you know the names of any of the unnamed people, please email the web site.





School 1955



School 1956

School c 1960

School c1970

Jim Cranwell


Jim & Vinnie Cranwell


Nathan Pitches



Heptzibah & George Harvey

(lived in Brick Row)

Ellen Manning

George Pitche



essie & Alfred Ives

Susan Soole

Emma Soole

William Cranwell 1899

Home Guard

W.I. at Buckingham Palace  

W.I. 1950s  

Cane Wedding 1922

Cane Wedding 1924

Kent Wedding 1940s

Chapel Stone Laying

Harry Rogers



Cane & Manning


Cane & Swift

Cane Family