Chrishall School 1890s

Most of their names are now long forgotten. The school house was vacant at the time of the 1891 census but in 1901 49 yearold James French was the schoolmaster and his 49 year old wife Ellen was the schoolmistress. Their daughter Lilian was aged 22 in 1901 and listed as 'schoolmaster's daughter' - and is possibly the young woman standing behind her mother. Behing her is an even younger girl but someone who appears older than most of the children. In 1901 Jessie Rogers was aged 15 and was listed as a day school teacher.

The date on the board is hidden by the boy's head in front but it begins 18__ .

The lad holding it looks like a Pitches - cf the separate photo of Frank Pitches holding a cricket bat. Frank was born c 1883 but had three younger brothers: George, Charles and Lewis. Lewis was born c 1890.

Most of the children have buttonholes - oakleaves for Trafalgar Day? They also have plenty of hobnails in their boots!