Chrishall School c1918

God Save the British Empire! (To see a close up of the faces, click on the photo).

This four country group (Britannia in the middle) was taken at the same time as the main school photograph and almost certainly marks the end of the First World War (Originally it was believed to mark the coronation of King George V in June 1911 but Don Whitmore who is in the photograph was born in 1909).   

From Left: Leslie Green; Bessie Rogers (as Miss Scotland) Fred Rogers, Britannia (unknown), Donald Whitmore in HMS Lancaster sailor's uniform; Ivy Cranwell as the Irish lady (Ivy was an excellent primary school teacher by all accounts) and Ernie Flack on the far right.  

Front centre: Doris Prior, a teacher, (as Miss Wales). Note the absence of the RFC/RAF in1911