Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of England (published1842): "CHRISHALL (HOLY TRINITY), a parish in the union of Saffron-Walden, hundred of UTTLESFORD, N. Division of the county of Essex, 7 miles (E) from Royston; containing 521 inhabitants. The parish comprises 2767a. 10p., (i.e.2,767acres, 10 perches) of which the surface is diversified and the higher lands pleasantly situated. The living is a discharged vicarage, valued in the king's books at 13; net income, 200; patron, Bishop of London; appropriators, Dean and Chapter of Westminster. The tithes were commuted for land and a money payment, under an inclosure act, in 1807.  The church is a handsome structure, with a square embattled tower surmounted by  a handsome spire."   

The Methodist Chapel: The church was started on the 5th May 1838 by two men from Upwell in Norfolk who founded the Saffron Walden Methodist Circuit. The church met in what is now Camps Cottage in Broad Green and soon expanded into an adjoining barn; two women being the leaders at this time. As numbers grew there was a need for a dedicated building  and eventually some land was purchased in Crawley End and the chapel built in 1862. This was extended in 1871.  Later,  an adjoining piece of land was acquired for the Methodist Hall and what is now the car park. Better kitchen and other facilities have been added over the years and now  the premises are used regularly by several village groups. The first burials took place in 1916 and although marriages were not officiated there for a number of years, several ceremonies are conducted each year now. The Chapel has lists of all members from 1842 and registers from about the same time. ~ Notes by Mrs Maggie Richardson; for current details see

 The Walk for Jesus:  On 5th May, 1838, two Methodist preachers came walking and singing through Chrishall. They drew a large group of people and formed the first House Church in what is now named Camps Cottage, Broad Green. That walk has led to the present Methodist church through use of the Barn at Broad Green until the church building could be afforded. New evidence has recently come to light that it did not stop there. The walk went on to Australia. It seems that a family called Pitches lived in Camps Cottage and opened it for the church services. They then decided in that period of serious agricultural depression, to go to Australia. The membership of the church was growing fast and they needed bigger premises and moved to the barn owned by Chapman and Anne Woods. Anne became the second female leader of the church at that time.

In turn Chapman and Anne left for Australia. There they met up with a family called Pitches and here the proof is needed and started a Methodist Church there. A long way to go for a church "planting" you may think!

To celebrate this move the members of the church and many friends walked, singing from Broad Green to the present building to celebrate our 150th anniversary in 1988. So the Walk for Jesus goes on. If anyone can add to my knowledge of this story I would be very grateful. Were they the same Pitches who lived at Broad Green? Did letters sent by them encourage others from the village to emigrate? Our records show that several families left for Australia during this period. If you can help in any way please contact me by e mail at colmarichardson@aol.com. Thank you.        Margaret Richardson.

White's Directory of Essex 1848 "CHRISHALL is a village and parish among the hills bordering upon Herfordshire and Cambridgeshire, 7 miles W. of Saffron Walden. It contains 521 souls, and 2694 acres of land. In some old records, it is variously called Carshall, Christeshale, &c. Lord Dacre is lord of the manor of Chrishall-bury, and owner of the Grange estate. Another manor, Cheswick Hall, or Flanders, belongs to J. H. Wilkes, Esq., and there is a small manor belonging to the Rectory. The Lucy, Rivers, Crawley, Penruddock, and other ancient families, were formerly owners here. Sir John James, who was knighted in 1665, built the Hall, in a park of 300 acres, afterwards converted into a wood, and the mansion into a farmhouse. An estate, called Crawley-bury, was a seat of the Crawleys, and afterwards passed to the Bendish, Brown, Boyle, and other families. 

The Church (Holy Trinity,) is a fine antique structure, consisting of a nave and aisles, a chancel, and a stone tower, crowned by a handsome spire, and containing four bells. It was appropriated, at an early period, to Westminster Abbey, and contains some ancient brasses, one of which is in memory of Sir John de la Pole, who died in the 14th century. An elegant monument in the chancel is in memory of Sir John James, knight, who died in 1676. In 1558, the rectory was given to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, to whom it still belongs. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at 19, and in 1831 at 200, is in the patronage of the Bishop of London, and incumbency of the Rev. George Everth, M.A., who has a good residence, and 1A. 35P. of glebe. The rectorial tithes were commuted at the enclosure in 1819 for an allotment of 470A. 2R. 32P. The Vicarial tithes nave been commuted for 214 per annum. 

In 1562, LETTICE MARTIN left an estate here in trust for the benefit of the poor of 33 parishes. At the enclosure, the land bequeathed by her was exchanged for 79A. 1R. 19p., now left for 55. 10s. per annum, of which 5. 4s., as the portion belonging to Chrishall, is distributed at Christmas among the aged poor. With the other 32 parishes, we have stated their respective shares, which vary in amount agreeable to the donor's will. In 1836, the acting trustee, Mr. Wilkes, had in hand a balance of 200. The poor of Chrishall have a yearly rent-charge of 20s., left by Thos. Elkin in 1615, and now paid out of 2A. 8P. of land belonging Wilkes, Esq."

The Saffron Walden & North Essex Directory 1888 - CHRISHALL.  A scattered parish, 7 miles west of Saffron Walden. Area 2,699 acres; rateable value, 3,014  1s 6d; population in1881, 572. Letters arrive from Royston at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m ; despatched at 5 p.m. week days; Sundays, 10.30 a.m. The Church of The Holy Trinity, situated on an eminence, is an ancient structure, and consists of chancel, nave of four bays, with clerestory, aisles, north and south porches, and a western tower surmounted by a short spire, and containing four bells. The body of the church was thoroughly restored in 1868-69 at a cost or 1,300. In the south aisle there is a fine brass dated 1370, of Sir John de la Pole and his wife, Joan (Cobham) ; there are also brasses of the date 1480. There is also in the wall of the south aisle a monument representing the recumbent figure of a lady, c. 1450.

The living is a vicarage, present yearly value 300, with residence adjoining the church, in the gift of the Bishop of St Albans,and held by the Rev. Edmund Leachman, M.A., of St John's College, Cambridge.

Andrews, Willm, shopkeeper                                   Dacre, Lord (H Unwin, foreman Wire farm)

Baker, Willm, shoemaker                                          Jonas, F. Maulkin, Chrishall grange

Billings, W. A., Red Cow                                            Leachman, Rev Edmund, M A

Brand, Robert, farmer, Bilden End                           Pigg, Thomas, farmer

Chambers, Robert, shopkeeper &                            Rogers, Moses, carrier

    post-office                                                                 Soole, Willm, carpenter

Clark, C D., schoolmaster                                          Wallace, Willm, greyhound (sic)

Downham, Philip, steam plough proprietor           Wallman, George, blacksmith

Downham, Mrs., farmer                                             Wallman, Sarah, Mrs., beer retailer

Drage, Mrs., farmer & machine proprietor, 

    Chiswick Hall


The Red Cow, Chrishall - Known Residents

Year             Name                      Occupation                   Age            Where Born                Source

1848           James Petches          Victualler                                                                            White's                       

1862           James Pitches                                                                                                        Kelly's
1874           James Pitches                                                                                                        Kelly's
1881           Walter Empson          Publican                          23           Thirfield, Herts        Census
                   Charlott Empson       Wife                                 23            Chrishall
                   Thos Chipperfield    G.father/Formr Hawker  84         Hadham, Herts
1882           David Cooke                                                                                                          Kelly's
1888           W A Billings                                                     Saffron Walden. & N. Essex Directory

1898           George Beadle                                                                                                        Kelly's
1917           George Beadle                                                                                                        Kelly's
1933           George Beadle                                                                                                        Kelly's       
1949           W McKeown                                                   Saffron Walden & District Year Book

Saffron Walden & District Year Book 1949-50  The ancient name of this village was Christhall. The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity was considerably restored in 1869.

Vicar - the Rev. A A Bagley    Methodist Chapel- no resident Minister.     Parliamentary Division - Saffron Walden.    Rural District - Saffron Walden.    Petty Sessional Division - Walden.   Parish Council: Clerk - Mr F Jupp, Parsonage Farm .

Estimated population in 1948 - 416.    Area - 2,790 acres

School - ages 5-15    Head Teacher - Miss O W Miller.                                                                                   Sub- Post Office (to Royston).     Post-Master - Mr R P Chambers (Tel Chrishall 246)  Postal Address - Royston, Herts. Collections of Letters- Mon-Fri, 9.00am and 4.45pm,   Sat.,9.00am and mid-day. Telephone kiosk - near Post Office. Nearest Railway Station - Audley End. Bus Services - Premier Travel 

Cricket Club Secretary - Mr R J Loveday- BildenEnd.   Football Club Secretary Mr R J Loveday - Bilden End.  Chrishall & District Rabbit Club Secretary: Mr T E Leech, Rylstone Rabbitries, Chrishall

(As well as the above named, other main residents included:) Baker (2), Barker, BatesW J, Frmr (Gypsey Corner farm), Bernard Capt W R RN,  Boaler A & H W, Poultry Frmrs, Brand (3 incl. W W, Frmr Bilden End Farm), Brooks, Bysouth, Camp, Cane (3), Chapman (2), Clarke (3), Cranwell (12 incl.B, Wheelwright of Crawley End and F W, Builder of Crawley end), Crocker A A C Motor Engr, Day E, Frmr, Crawley End, De Beer P D Chiswick Hall, Frmr, Draper, Drury (4), Dyer, Edwards, Elbourne (Martinholme), Everett, Field (Wendy's Cottage, Chr. Grnge Frm), Flack (14), Gardiner, Glasscock, Goodship, Green (6), Hagger (High St, Boot Repairer), Harding Mrs S B, Frmr (Chr. Grange), Harvey (6 incl. T C, Fruit Frmr, High St), Hawthorn, Heath, Hicks H B, Butcher (Church Rd), Holmes. Ives, Jackson, Jupp (Parsonage Frm).

Kent (3 - G B W, Frmr Broad Green, J F, Frmr, W L, Frmr Park House), Knights, Langford Mrs S J, Cedar Hse), Leech T E, Rylstone, Shopkeeper, Loveday (3), Lovell-Green, Mancer E E, Boot Repairer (Crawley End), Manning, McKeown - The Red Cow, Miller (2 incl Miss O H Schoolmistress), Miller, Negus, Passmore, Pigg, Pitches(3), Pratt (2), Prior I (Kemps).

Readman, Reed, Reeve, ReevesB, Coal Merchant (Belle Vista, Mill Causeway), Revell (2), Ritches, Robinson, Rogers(7 incl. Miss A J Frmr, High St; B R, The Garage; F. Frmr, Wire Farm), Rose, Rumsey Eli (Church Cott), Rush W J, Motor Engr (Church Rd), Skeen, Smith, Strudwick, Swift, Wall W, Frmr, New Farm, Walker, Wallman (2), Whitmore (3), Wilson, Wisbey, Woods, Wright. 

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